Jon Brion is God. This is not up for argument.

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I have an insane amount of respect for artists who cross into the realm of producer/engineer/everything else that goes into making a record. Jon Brion is my idol. Point made.

Ever watch a Paul Thomas Anderson film? (Boogie Nights, Magnolia..) Jon Brion was the man behind the musical score for those. Does that make him a great film scorer? YES!

But what about Kanye West? Famliar with his album ‘Late Registration’? I’m sure you probably are even if you don’t know it. Well.. Jon Brion has about 4 different credits for songs on that album. So how the HELL does one man go from producing Fiona Apple, Aimee Mann, Kanye West, and scoring brilliant films and find the time to make his own amazing album ‘Meaningless’? I have absolutely no idea. This man works WAY too hard. But thank god for that.

Not to preach.. But if you don’t know anyting about Jon Brion then I urge you to do a little research. He may have just done your favorite album or film score and you would have never known it!

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