Mixing is the butter on your Lobster

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reel to reelMost people know what they love when they listen to music. Some love the vocals, some the vibe, some the drums, some the nostalgic feeling they get when they hear a song.

Not many people understand the art of mixing music. When you tell most people that your are working on mixing an album they think you are a DJ. Not. The. Case.

Mixing an album in professional recording terms can mean a million different things. I can only type so much…

For me, mixing an album means the players have gathered, played all of their instruments that will make up a song, and then I am given files to mix together to make it sound like what the listeners are used to hearing on CD or radio (without the mastering part thrown in). And if I am ACTUALLY allowed to do my job I can add new elements to the song to make it even better than the musicians ever thought of. If engineers didn’t mix songs there would be a million and a half complaints about every album ever recorded that they ‘couldn’t hear the vocals’ or the ‘bass was weak’ or ‘the guitar was way too loud’. These are common complaints even after a song HAS been mixed.

Again, I can only type so much…( and I could probably right a book about this) but people of the musical listening world. Please. Read up on what goes into a mix. Half of the time you hate a song you may not even realize that it is solely the doings of a bad mix. Why do people love Top 40 radio so much? It is because thousands and thousands of dollars were spent on the mix. It is pleasing to the ears. Plain and simple.

Mixing is the butter to your lobster. THAT. right there sums it all up. Try eating a good lobster without butter. I’m pretty sure you will enjoy it. But then take that same delicious lobster and let it soak in butter for a little while. Let me know if you feel the same about it then. I can guarantee (unless you’re watching your calories) you will take the lobster with the butter any day of the week.

2 Responses to “Mixing is the butter on your Lobster”

  1. Tamadear says:

    I love the melody–and that almost always comes through, regardless of the mixing. Or is the mixing what allows the melody to come through?

    • dirkler says:

      Well. Melody is melody. A good melody should always come through. No matter what is done in the mix. But a good mix is like a rollercoaster ride. You have no control over what happens to you, you just are put in a seat and are told what to enjoy. If you don’t like it? Then it’s a bad rollercoaster. A good mix has the ability to tell your ears what to listen to. And if it’s a good melody? Then that is what the mix engineer is telling you to listen to at that point in the song.

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