The Dodos are a bird FAR from extinct

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dodosThe music industry was in a tough spot not too long ago. Is it in the clear now? Not even close. But it seems that labels are FINALLY starting to listen, and not trying to tell people to listen to what they have to say.

Let’s take The Dodos for example. They are on their third album now (latest two put out by Frenchkiss Records ) And somehow they have managed to build a website that incorporates ALL forms of social media on one page. Very impressive. Social media should have been designed by music labels. Why? Because it directly shoves information into your ears, eyes, and minds exerting such a small amount of effort. Exactly how they wanted album sales to be.

The Dodos website for their new album ‘Time to Die’ is one that seems to be breaking away from the Myspace band advertising and incorporating quality design with extreme ease of use. (and updating for that matter because it uses all social media platforms that are capable for 14 year old children to be a part of)

Check it out and check out their new album.
You won’t be disappointed by either.

[Update: The timetodie link now redirects to their myspace page. Way to kill my post guys!]

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