John Tesh is a brilliant loser

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john the studFirstly, despite my title, I DID use your most recent head shot John. That better at least show you that I care…

And really the title and the next few links leave me little to actually write about you. You have done one truly amazing thing in your life that I could never ever take away from you. You gave us basketball fans ‘Roundball Rock’.

The only problem John? You took it just a bit too far. Did we all really need to hear the answering machine playback of your original melody idea during this performance? Did we need to see you rock out during playback? Did you have to bow after the applause? Did you have to fake bounce the basketball during the kick drum lead in? And who is the rockstar violinist who keeps creeping in to steal your spotlight?  And THEN the back to back solo with the rockstar guitar player!? I’d be worried about those two John… (see youtube clip for all the references)

This is all I can say. Your website and performance say it all.

(audio warning on this link!! be prepared)

Trust me, this clip is a MUST WATCH if you’ve never seen it.

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  1. Jessica says:

    Holy ridiculousness… this just made my morning (minus, of course, the fact that the song will be stuck in my head for the rest of they day).

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