One night is all it takes

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jaymccarrol[audio at the bottom. listen while you read!]
I consider myself an extremely fortunate man when it comes to the musicians I have been able to work with. The top of the list might be Jay McCarrol (not to be confused with Jay McCarroll)

Jay is one of the most unassuming musicians you will ever meet. He sits down at a piano and instead of playing one of his songs (which he almost refuses to do if there is an audience) he will serenade you with Disney songs, video game scores, and my personal favorite, Jurassic Park scores.

So unfortunately, Jay has moved on from making any records since the last one we put out (purchase if you like!! or send me an email and I will just give a link to download…)

He has currently been mixing his musical ability with his shockingly good acting ability in an online tv series that is doing very well in Toronto. Check it out:

But the point of this post stems from the fact that I decided to check out SoundCloud today. And my first upload (more to come) happened to be my favorite song I’ve ever recorded.

‘Still I Hope’ was a song Jay wrote in one night and I was in control of the board (also got to stretch out my percussion chops on it). It was pure magic. I worked out the piano and ukulele loop played by Jesse Parmet while Jay sat in the corner of my studio (doubles as a bedroom) frantically scribbling out lyrics. He never sang a note until I placed the mic up to him and hit record. One take was all we needed.

We started at 7 at night and finished up around 4 in the morning. Beers were flowing and by the end of it we had a song. Mix and all. (and I haven’t touched the mix since) Honestly? I’ve just been scared to…

Here is the song below thanks to the great abilities of SoundCloud to provide a great listening experience. Hopefully this isn’t my biased opinion, but it doesn’t take a fancy studio and days of thought to produce a great song.

I’d love to know what you all think of it.

6 Responses to “One night is all it takes”

  1. Lee says:

    Matt, this song is gorgeous. Thanks, and wonderful job with it.

  2. Joe says:


    Great song! Amazing post on how you made it.

    Keep blogging,

    • dirkler says:

      Thanks Joe

      Really glad you enjoyed the song. Even though I was part of the production process, it still stands up as one of my favorite songs to listen to.

      And yes, I WILL keep on blogging 🙂


  3. JayM says:

    Very very cool. I love the song and I love the soundcloud widget. Posts below it are a SUPER cool idearrr!

  4. The Real Jay M says:

    that jaym is a phony! I’m the real Jay M! We also smoked weed. That made it pretty crazy.
    Love the site D-man, thanks for sharing the Still I Hope story, truly an amazing session, and one of my fondest memories of Boston.

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