Music makes you hip. Trust me.

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paste_hipsterAm I claiming that I am hip? Hell yes! Many people might disagree with that statement… But I stand by it proudly. Call me a hipster, call me indie, call me a geek. I will stand by any name you want to throw at me. I’d like to be called chief or holmes though at least a few more times in my life…

I just read about this topic today that has been going on for decades (especially when it comes to music blogging) but Paste Magazine did a great article on the Evolution of the Hipster. It’s really a laughable matter. We all would love to be ‘cool’. It’s in our blood people! You can deny it all you want, but some part of us wants to feel cool. That topic is not up for debate. Ask your therapist.

Musicians are perceived to be cool. And you know what? They all are. (even you John Tesh) Don’t even try to tell me Mozart wasn’t cool, or Del Shannon, or Otis Redding, or Marvin Gaye, or Madonna, or Brian Wilson. Those were some cool people! And we looked up to them and most of us wanted to be them at some point in our life.

But me writing about this will probably muster up some nose turns at me and my stance. We are ALL HIP. To be labeled a hipster is fine. To snark at hipsters makes you hip too. So where the hell do you win? Well. You don’t. Cause we’re all hip and cool and rad and badass.

  • The dude (or chick) who comes by to clean out the bathrooms after a gig? HIP.
  • The dude (or chick) who takes your ticket at the show. HIP.
  • The dude (or chick) you paid your money to go see that night? HIP.
  • YOU, for going to see a show, buying the CD, telling your friend to listen to it, checking them out online. HIP!!!

Let’s end this war of hip, hipster, cool, and not cool. We’re all fucking cool people. And if you’re reading this, you’re especially cool!

Time for another list…

  • Creators of computers. HIP.
  • Creators of the internet. HIP.
  • Creators of WordPress, Tumblr, Twitter, Facebook. HIP.
  • Creators of your toothbrush you use everyday. HIP!!

I’m one to get over this debate (and you can probably find a ton of evidence as to why I am a COMPLETELY contradicting myself with this post) but I’ll be the hippie, the martyr, the first fat kid at a swimming pool to take off his shirt. Have at it. Let’s all just go into this new decade knowing proudly that we are ALL, hip as shit.

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