The pain and love of a music blogger

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macbookproWe are a large and ever-growing breed. We help each other out. We fight like brother and sister. We argue when there is nothing to realistically argue about. We write about music. And we, are music bloggers.

Some of us play music, some of us are just fans, some of us produce, and some of us just love music and everything about it. I would say the common bond is that all of us have that same passionate love. This is what we do in our spare (or the lucky few) full time. And we do it because we love ever minute of it. (for the most part…)

There are really very few perks to running a successful music blog. Maybe you get artists emailing you asking you to listen to their music or inviting you to shows, handing you a CD or record to put on. But for the most part it is a labor of love. No one really ever sees your face. (I chose a borderline egotistical avatar…) You are stuck behind a computer for most part of the job, ruining your eyesight and ears.

But why do we do it? Well I can speak only for myself by saying that it keeps me sane and puts my mind at ease. Music is on my brain 24/7. Can I help it? Absolutely not. It’s just there. Like the high frequency buzz from a live show you have seen the night before and that makes you wonder if you will ever hear that frequency again.

And will we ever stop? Not a chance in hell. There are a few brave souls out there who are trying to help this breed of music lovers who take it to the next level and publicly display their love and opinions of music.

We are the future. We are the people you can get to know on a personal level. (and by personal I mean via email, twitter, or comments with the hopeful goal of meeting up at a show or grabbing a beer together)

So the next time you Google a band you love and the results pull up random blogs or sites you have never heard of. Click on them. You may share the exact same opinion or learn something new that hasn’t already been plastered over Pitchfork or Rolling Stone.

(Share the love and visit the blogs I admire to the right. Each and every one is worth a visit)

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  1. Colleen says:

    Wow; really feeling this post! As a fellow music blogger, this spoke to my soul. I salute you. My passion is your passion.

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