The ‘Why I love music: Lifetime list’

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IlovemusicI tried to wrap my head around doing a decade list, an 09 list, a ‘Why I love Brian Wilson’ list. But then I decided to challenge myself. I could come up with my favorite albums of the year or decade pretty easily (aside from ordering them which brings the challenge of making that into a list…)

But then it occurred to me. I don’t just love albums, I love music and everything that surrounds it. So here I am. Opening up to everything about music that I love. And damn, ordering it down to the top 3 reasons was a challenge that took several bottles of wine and late nights.

3: It makes me feel like I am actually a part of something

Growing up I played sports, I read, and I built forts in the woods. Those were all well and good. But then I discovered this thing called music. (Thanks Dad) And shit did it set me off.

So I took it to the next level. I hoarded cassettes like they were going out of style. I begged my parents to bring me to every concert I heard about. To this day I still remember being the only white family of 4 at the Shabba Ranks, Mary J. Blige, TLC, and Bobby Brown concert. (we got some strange looks…)

Then I got a cassette 4-track. SHIT that blew my mind. I didn’t leave my room for months. Next I started a band. Then I went to college for it. Then I moved to NYC to pursue being an engineer. Then I started producing and engineering albums on my own. Then I started writing about music.

So why does this make me feel like a part of something?

All the while I met people who shared the joy and love that I felt I only had. Being surrounded by seas of people at concerts, talking about the Traveling Wilburys to record shop owners, talking to fans after our band left the stage, joining the sea of New York engineers who were trying to do exactly what I wanted. And now, being part of a community of folks who write about the same love I have.

I am and forever will be home. As long as I have music.

2: Music is the most important language in the world

That’s a strong statement and I apologize to folks who disagree. But honestly, how can you disagree with that??

Every language you can write, read and speak. (except for web languages…) But what music has above all the others is that it is one you can actually feel.

I understand that people say French or Italian makes them feel something when they hear it. Yeah yeah. It sounds cool when someone is speaking it. But does it have the emotional impact music has? HELL NO. Try listening to someone speak a foreign language and see if it brings you back to that moment you heard your favorite album for the first time. It doesn’t hold a candle!

Music is in our blood. From a child to a man on his death bed, music will move your body and mind in ways no other language can possibly do.

1: It gives me something to look forward to every day of my life

Whether is be a new album release, a band someone has suggested I listen to, or the fact that I get out of bed knowing I will be at a concert that night I have been waiting months to see. Music gives me something to getting excited about each and every day of my life. Without fail.

I work a 9-6 day job. Do I wake up and get excited about going to do the work day in and day out? Not at all. I am more concerned with what album I can listen to on the drive into work, or what albums I will put on while at work. Or waiting for 5:53 on a friday when I can pump Purple Rain to close out our work week. (it’s become an odd tradition I started)

There are very few things in life that get me as thrilled and excited as an 8yr old on Christmas morning. Music does this to me. I can’t help it.

And I wouldn’t want to if I could.

5 Responses to “The ‘Why I love music: Lifetime list’”

  1. Amanda says:

    i LOVE that your purple rain tradition got in this. I MISS IT.

  2. Misslorilo says:

    The dancer, here, is going to have to entirely disagree with #2. A dance, performed in complete silence, can evoke incredibly strong emotions from anyone– anywhere. Dance is equally as powerful as music. That’s why music and dance mesh so beautifully–you can see one, and hear the other (and at times, visa versa).

  3. Abby says:


    we *are* on the same page.

    i feel like a chump not having read your post until this evening.

    I am and forever will be home. As long as I have music.


    i sat around alone in dc today waiting for the snow to stop. i am feeling desperately alone. i was supposed to leave this godforsaken country at 5:37 but mother nature thought otherwise. cross your finger that i bust out of here tomorrow. ANYWAY… though feeling stressed and sad and helpless (4 hours ON HOLD with an airline will do this to a person) you know what i had? yeah, that’s right. you know. my records. today was a slowdive day. they were my blanket. X

    • dirkler says:

      Don’t feel like a chump Abby. I’m just glad it meant something to you.

      I’ll let you (and whoever else reads this) in on a little secret. I almost became a ship captain because I never felt alone when I had the sea. It was moving, it was a being, it was something to be along side of me.

      This is the same way I feel about music.

      I’m glad music could carry you through a annoying time in your day. That’s what it’s there for. Right? It’s entertainment. And when we need it the most, it is there for us.

      • Abby says:

        i’ve always said music was my friend when i had none; my lover when my bed was empty. music doesn’t get angry and doesn’t use up my soap and toilet paper.

        ipod fully charged.
        off to the airport.

        i’ll take zurich, frankfurt or munich.


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