Thom Yorke will make beautiful music until he is dead

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Just browsing around the music blogosphere today, I stumbled across a couple new tunes from Mr. Thom Yorke, the frontman for Radiohead and now another band, the newly christened Atoms for Peace (which features Flea on bass… am I the only one that finds Thom and Flea sharing a stage kinda funny? Thom Yorke with a tube sock on his junk?). This time, however, the alien chanter was performing a few songs solo, all of which some intrepid nerd was awesome enough to record. As I sat there watching & listening, I was overwhelmed by the majesty of his songwriting, and was doubly overwhelmed thinking about how LONG I’ve been listening to this man’s every recorded move, and how INCREDIBLY OFTEN I have felt this exact same way about whatever he has to show me.

The point is: I am no longer the 14-year-old dweeb I once was when I first heard ‘Paranoid Android’, and I don’t get knocked on my ass by music nearly as often or easily as I once did. But this man continues to do it to me every time.

So I have concluded, right now, that unlike many of our favorite aging rock gods, who with each new track slip further and further away from what made them great, Thom Yorke seems to be getting closer and closer to pure unfettered gorgeousness the longer he exists on this planet. At this point I am convinced he will continue to make beautiful music until he is no longer able to lift a guitar or raise his voice, and even then I wouldn’t count him out. For fans of music, we should take a moment to realize how wonderful that really is, and while you do, watch this:

2 Responses to “Thom Yorke will make beautiful music until he is dead”

  1. Ryan says:

    This is the best ever. Ever.

  2. calmstock says:

    I’ll never forget driving home from work one day and almost needing to pull over after hearing the “chug chug” guitar bit from Creep on the radio for the first time. I remember thinking “uh.. that’s different.” Remarkable how they continue to push..

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