Slow Runner – Ghost Rendition

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slow_runnerSome albums are growers. Some just hit you in that sweet spot you can’t describe in words. The latest EP ‘Ghost Rendition‘ from Slow Runner is one of those albums that bites you in the ass and doesn’t let go. Thing is? The bite is short but very sweet.

With only 3 songs recorded on their latest EP you might think, “Why would I listen to this? The longest song clocks in at 3:01? This won’t even last me one stop on the train!?” In a time where downloading singles is popular, why would you not take the ADD route and get 3 songs that are actually meant to be listened to together?

Slow Runner has been making music since 2003 but their latest EP is the one that introduced me to the band. (Where have I been!?) Every bar on ‘Ghost Rendition‘ is soothing to the ears. The vocals make you sit back and sigh with enjoyment. The strings come in and out, soaring with just the perfect touch. The drum grooves are, well, completely satisfying and near perfection. You’ll get a huge black eye out of this small punch of an EP.

So let’s break it down. The first track ‘Rainyface‘ is simply gorgeous. From my brief interview with Michael Flynn I can tell these fellas are no doubt a humorous bunch. Am I laughing out loud when I listen to this track? Not at all. It puts me into a semi sedated state of bliss. Two meaningless words I can put together to describe it are warm and inviting. Just like each song on ‘Ghost Rendition‘.

You’re All I Need‘ kicks off with a killer groove. Every sound is smooth on the ears with the perfect timbre of vocals sitting atop it all. Again the strings find their way to pluck and swoop and provide a perfect bed of emotion.

Ghost Rendition‘ finishes out the EP sans vocals. And every time I have listened to this bed of a track I want to go directly back and listen to ‘Rainyface‘. The sign of great track ordering (even if it is just 3 tracks).

ghost_rendition$2.97 means a snack to me. But it means a big deal to them. (Arrested Development anyone?)

Go out and give this EP a listen. It’s pure enjoyment from start to finish.

And if you make it two stops on the L train let me know, I’ll fully reimburse you.

Grab the EP and others from their site or iTunes.

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  1. Allison Rizk says:

    I couldn’t have said it any better myself. What an incredible 3 songs. Really nicely written review, too. Beautifully done!

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