Quiet Company – Songs For Staying In

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quiet_companyDon’t you feel like the luckiest person in the world when great music happens to fall into your lap? Well, I sure do. And it just happened to me.

I was minding my own business, sitting at work, when my friend Gradon decided to shoot something my way. It was a link to the upcoming release of the new Quiet Company EP. I take music recommendations very seriously when they come from folks who have similar musical tastes. So I gave it a quick listen despite all of the work I should have been doing at that point. GOOD THING I DID.

Quiet Company’s EP ‘Songs For Staying In’ took me 1 listen to absolutely fall in love with them. It normally takes me a good listen or 10 to really decide how I feel about an artist. Maybe it was their videos. Maybe it was their beards. Maybe it was their apartment studio. Who the hell knows. I LOVE THE EP. (and at the point of writing this I’ve listened to it on repeat until my dog barked at me “Enough!!”).

I next put on their full length ‘Everyone You Love Will Be Happy Soon’. Hot damn! How did I miss out on these guys??

This may sound odd, but this is the most satisfying music I’ve heard in a while. ‘Songs For Staying In’ is 30 minutes of pure enjoyment. The songs are well flushed out and have the same aural experience you might find while settling down with an amazing, loving partner. I am rarely floored with an album on first listen but these guys have managed to change that with this EP.

qc_album-coverIt’s “indie”. It’s “pop”. It’s “rock”. What does that tell you about the EP? Absolutely nothing. The production is fantastic and so are the songs and lyrics. They caught me with a soft spot of doing the DIY thing by turning an apartment into a recording studio. Something I’ve been doing for years now but they (Matt) took it a step further. He got rid of most of all the “normal” luxuries to make his space a place they could create their craft in.

I can ramble on an on about this release but it will be nothing close to the same as getting it for yourself. Head over to their site to pre-order the EP. They will be releasing a new song on their site each Monday up until the album’s release on May 11th. Each new song comes with a great snippet video that will give you an insight look into the band.

If you are lucky enough to be in Austin, TX on May 7th, you should check out their CD release party at Encore with The Rocketboys.

2 Responses to “Quiet Company – Songs For Staying In”

  1. Gradon Tripp says:

    I’m glad to turn another Bostonian onto such a great band. As we continue to build our forces, maybe we can convince the guys to venture beyond Texas and play a show up here. I’ve already offered them your couch to crash on — you’ve bought a couch by now, haven’t you?

    • dyson says:

      Yes, I own the proud owner of a couch. Two to be exact.

      And I tried bugging them to make their way up to Boston, doesn’t look like it’s going to happen in the near future. But that shouldn’t stop us from pushing!

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