The Bird & The Hall & The Bee & Oates

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5 Responses to “The Bird & The Hall & The Bee & Oates”

  1. Ryan says:

    They sent me this disk. I probably should give it a listen.

  2. […] I couldn’t muster love for the Bird and the Bee‘s Hall & Oates tribute album, and I didn’t know why. It just sounded same-y and uninspired. All of Hall & Oates kitschy, quirky glory had been whitewashed with a muted, hipsterrific veneer. Then, Matt Dyson (@dirkler on Twitter) made me realize why I felt that way. Because it’s true! […]

  3. Rich says:

    I enjoyed this thoroughly. It’s kind of sad that we feel the need to import our ‘awesomely bombastic’ music from the ’80s instead of just creating our own. It’s such a cop out.

  4. Will says:

    It is now two years later, and the fact that The Bird and the Bee hasn’t released another album seems to indicate this covers album was a career-killer. They’d started to amass fans with their first album, but anyone could forecast that only a small fraction of these newly won fans would follow them into Hall & Oates territory. It was much too early in their career to do this sort of thing.

  5. Ryan says:

    re: Will

    I would have to agree. It’s hard to argue against extinction.

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