Why I Love vinyl

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It’s not new news that vinyl records are becoming popular again. Why? Honestly, I don’t care.

There are a million reasons why I think vinyl has made a comeback into popular “cool” culture. I bought my first record player over a decade ago and have worked it into my every day life. Ok, correction. It has worked it’s way into my every day life.

Here are some random reasons why I could never live without vinyl. (slight exaggeration)

Vinyl is a hobby

There are folks out there who collect stamps, baseball cards, and even typewriters. I collect vinyl records. The difference between my hobby and the others is that I get to enjoy mine daily. For those folks who collect stamps: are you able to whip out that rare stamp and use it as it was meant to be? Licked and pressed onto an envelope? Nope. I get to collect AND enjoy how these collectables were meant to be used.

Vinyl is art

There is absolutely nothing like holding a 12″ (or even 7″) record in your hands. Music is art. What better way to accompany that than with creative uses of all the folds and surfaces you are allowed on that size of material.

Vinyl sounds great

I am not disregarding digital releases that can sound great. Some things sound better on CD than they do on vinyl. But vinyl has a completely unique way of representing audio that sometimes can not be duplicated digitally. In the digital world, there is a thing called dither which is added to an album to fill in the gaps that vinyl doesn’t need to. Without going too in depth, digital music is still 0’s and 1’s. Dither is intentional noise filled in to mask the gaps left with these limitations of only 2 numbers.

Vinyl is an experience

It’s one thing to have any album you want to hear at the ready. Streaming services do this very well. Vinyl records don’t have this luxury. (which is why most new releases come with mp3 download codes in them) But I have spent many years where people have come by to hang out and are shocked at the fact that I get up mid conversation to flip the record. I LOVE THAT. Sorry to break up conversation, but this then adds a whole new twist towards the mediocre conversation we were probably having.

Vinyl is fun

Once you buy your first turntable and start finding the hidden record shops in your town/city, it becomes a new thing you look forward to. And when a new release comes out, you pray they will press it to vinyl. I download plenty of music on my computer but it’s just way too damn easy. I love running over to a record store on a Tuesday to catch a new release that might be added with some special bonus I wouldn’t get otherwise.

Moral of the story? Try vinyl. It hurts way less than giving blood.

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  1. John says:

    I completely agree with all of the points above. Vinyl is a completely different experience than downloads or CDs. Everything from the jackets, to the inner sleeves, to the full, uncompressed sound that resonates from them makes their format amazing!

    The problem comes when bands use plants that press cheap vinyl. When plants cut from compressed digital files and not from large, high resolution files, the vinyl is just a novelty because the sound is the same as an mp3.

    Hopefully as this trend continues, artists and labels will increasingly see the value of pressing quality, virgin vinyl that is cut and mastered the right way. That is how this resurgence will ultimately be more than a trend, and how we will all get to enjoy great new pressings for years to come!

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