Motown will never die. Gaga soon to be M.I.A.

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While I respect Lady Gaga and all of her talents as an entertainer, the crotchety old man in me can’t stand her. That goes for you too M.I.A.

This is our new pop music. I’m not even going to consider throwing Miley or Bieber in this mix because the attention and enjoyment Gaga and M.I.A. receive stretches across too many generations and cultures. This is what pop music is, right? It has the ability to be “popular music” and reach many people, for better or for worse.

You can still be popular when you’re notorious. Hell, it’s probably even easier that way. Dress a little crazy, throw some politics in the mix, next thing you know you’re the talk of the town. It’s been proven to work in the past, why not do it now?


Now THIS is pop music. It made you dance, it made you sing, it caused controversy, it was a part of life. But you know the best part about it? The songs were REAL. The songs were GOOD. The songs GROOVED. All the while remaining popular.

If I sang to you “I’ve got sunshine, on a cloudy day”, you immediately (for the love of god I hope) know what song I’m referring to and probably have some sort of visual or emotional feeling towards it.

You’re probably thinking that there’s no comparison between today’s modern pop music and what was happening during the 60’s in that basement in Hitsville U.S.A. Of course there is! Those songs are a part of our culture and granted, I may still be the only person out there who feels so strongly about them, but they had a huge hand in defining what we call pop music today.

The genre will never die. By all definition of the term, it can’t. It just evolves and changes over decades and generations. And the music we’re calling pop today (specifically you Lady Gaga) is not going to be as timeless as the hits played by one of the tightest groups in the history of music, written and performed by some of the brightest and talented young stars the Motown era had to offer.

50 years later are kids still going to be growing up with “Telephone” or “Paper Planes” they same way “Ooh Baby Baby” and “Uptight” rocked my world? Put me in my grave now if that’s going to be the case.

If you haven’t figured it out, I’m going on record saying I don’t like you Lady Gaga, or M.I.A. And while we’re on the subject, I can’t stand you either Eminem. I’m not saying you all aren’t talented, you’re just so talented that you’ve ruined some of the beauty that is music.You’re very entertaining individuals but don’t forget, you’re still creating pop MUSIC.

Come on Marvin, let’s go try to figure out What’s going on.

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  1. Johnny Public says:

    And I’m sure in your day there was a crotchety old man bemoaning the good ol days of ragtime. Complaining that these darn kids could never produce a classic like the Charleston. Get with the times old man.

  2. Maybe everyone should halt querulous lady gaga´s meat habilitate and start bedevilment some privation…

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