Rabbit! – Connect The Dots

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There is really only one way to describe the debut release “Connect The Dots” from Rabbit!fun. That may sound like you’re getting ready for a club banging mix of an album. If that’s what you’re looking for, then move along. (but they did cover a Black Eyed Peas tune which threw me off a little bit…)

The group benefits from the male/female mix and ever changing instrumentation. Some songs are based around electronic grooves, some are stripped down performances, and some are full out productions. They all come together to create an incredibly perfected sounding debut album.

I’ve had a hard time placing Rabbit! into something I can describe them as. I’ve come up with a plethora of examples to  pull from. Harry Nilsson comes to mind, along with Beck, of Montreal, and Apollo Sunshine.

Is this the sign of a great group? Well it certainly is a great start. Rabbit! is definitely a group unique to themselves. But the most apparent theme throughout the album is that they’re in it to have fun.

The production is great. While mixing all of these different genres and sounds together, the group has still remained true to themselves. I feel that with more exposure soon to come, they’ll be a group you could recognize and say “yep, that’s Rabbit!”.

“Connect The Dots” was written, recorded, produced, and mixed in late 2009 at their house in Mount Dora, FL. They are currently planning a series of tour dates in support of the album. Currently, they are one of the bands selected to participate in the Mead Five Star Music Insider sweepstakes.

Have a listen to a track off of “Connect The Dots” and see if you can help me pinpoint their sound a bit more. Look out for the record to be released on August 31st.

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  1. musicsavage says:

    Hugely Beck-like. I dig this. Nice find.

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