The Shape of the Earth – The Romantics EP

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The Shape of the Earth have been in heavy rotation since their release of the stellar album “Do I Dare Disturb The Universe”. You want to root for the underdog who is actually better than the sure bet? Then check these guys out.

They’re what I love most about bands. They do it for the sincere love and passion but obviously have the hopes of making some waves. If those waves come? Great. If not? They’ll keep pushing on and doing what they love to do.

This is the case on their latest EP “The Romantics”

This EP was a quiet release to the public but is worthy of great attention. These are stripped down performances of new songs that don’t sound stripped down. That may sound like a cop out to you, but everything I love about the band is here on this EP.

Gavin Bascom’s vocals are what really pull me into their music. He’s got a voice that’s unique and is one that can be listened to over and over.

The songs have a raw acoustic feel but sound flushed out and full at the same time. I almost forget every time I have listened through the EP that there are no full drums or bass. When I think about an album like this, I think of some lame group singing for the women of the world out there. This is far from the case with “The Romantics”.

It’s an album that will sooth you, get you grooving, and realize what a great group these guys really are. I can only dream about what they will release next. So far they have yet to disappoint me.

You Can Only Get So Lonely

DOWNLOAD: The Romantics EP

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  1. Julia Suarez says:

    Omg I love their music!!! Thanks mr. Bascom for introducing me to their music. Gavin you have an AWESOME dad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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