Otis Grove – The Runk

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Putting on The Runk threw me right into a full flashback of my years at Berklee College of Music. Makes a bit of sense as Sam Gilman (Hammond B3, Wurlitzer, Moog, Clav, Rhodes, and Mellotron) is a piano tech at Berklee. Otis Grove (audio warning on click) is a trio that is holding down their funk-ass sound REAL tight.

On their second record with Ropeadope, these guys hold true to what you’d expect from a keys lead trio but do it with a quality of the highest standards. They’ve had about 6 years and over 500 gigs to perfect this sound. This definitely comes through on The Runk.

When I first saw the name Otis Grove, I knew they sounded familiar. Turns out I’ve actually caught them playing multiple times alongside a group called Japhy Ryder. I produced, engineered, and mixed Japhy’s second record No Consequence in an abandoned house in a lakeside home in upstate NY. They share the stage well needless to say. And aside from being amazingly talented musicians, Otis Grove are among the nicest guys you’ll ever come to meet.

In an ever growing trend of lo-fi, rough around the edges records coming out (which I still do love), it’s always great to hear some killer players recorded phenomenally. The Runk is speaker filling, groove-tastic 51 minutes awesomeness of a record.

Sam Gilman sure as hell knows what he’s doing on those keys while Tyler Wayne Drabick fills out the sound with his smooth-ass, sexy guitar parts. Holding down the groove end on the drums is Blake Goedde. After studying with Kenwood Dennard (James Brown’s drummer), I’d expect nothing less pounding away on those drum heads.

Have a listen to 3 tracks off of The Runk and see what you think. It might be just as much of a breath of fresh air to you as it was to me.
Otis Grove – Monark
Otis Grove – Rock City
Otis Grove – Uncle Runky

Tour Dates

09.17.10 Paradise Rock Club Boston, MA
09.25.10 Latitude 43 Gloucester, MA
10.15.10 The Lizard Lounge Runk CD Release Party Cambridge, MA
10.22.10 Perfect Wife Manchester, VT
10.23.10 Nectars Burlington, VT
10.29.10 Salt Hill Pub Hanover, NH
10.30.10 Latitude 43 Gloucester, MA
12.3.10 The Press Room Portsmouth, NH

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  1. Media Runner says:

    This post was my first exposure to your blog – actually, it was all about the photo at the time, and then I saw you were rooted in Boston, which helped. But just now I got to reading your review of The Runk, and I have to agree: it is SO tight. definitely a breath of fresh air. It’s music to get lost in.

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