An interview with Phoenix

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Phoenix has become a household name. From their Cadillac commercials to the raging success of their latest album Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix, I’d be shocked if I was the first to introduce you to this group of Parisian rockstars.

I was lucky enough to catch the opening night of their tour when it kicked off at the famous Hollywood Bowl in LA. My review of the evening prompted comments from Christopher Owens (lead vox and guitar of Girls) and co-manager of Phoenix, Simon White.

I quickly had questions out to Phoenix without any expectations they would be answered. For some unknown reason, God smiled down upon me and next thing I knew, lead singer Thomas Mars had answered them all.

And now I present the brief but amazing exclusive interview for dysonsound: (this is a big deal for me people!)

An interview with Thomas Mars of Phoenix

dyson: How was it starting the first night of this tour at the Hollywood Bowl?
thomas: It was bad for the next shows! All the pressure was gone after that one night…

dyson: First nights can be tough, were you guys happy with how the show went?
thomas: We had a lot of things going on and especially we worked with a company to light up the arches off the dome at key moments in the show. We went the night before to see how to make it and got so excited I didn’t sleep that night. Then during the show we knew something was happening on the bowl but couldn’t see it. We saw thousands of cameras taking pictures from our point of view which was cool too…

dyson: What is the most notable difference between US crowds and others around the world?
thomas: What we notice more is that there are a lot of things on common. The only thing in the US is that certain shows are for kids or not, with or without alcohol etc… That makes a difference.

dyson: Where is you favorite place (country, venue, etc.) to perform?
thomas: Mexico city. We have lyrics that are impossible to sing along and yet they manage to do it there.

dyson: When was the first moment you knew you had “made it” as a group?
thomas: I would never say we made it because it would mean the end of something. It is like winning a grammy — it’s a bittersweet moment. We are still not sure about what we are trying to achieve if we try to achieve something.

dyson: Is Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix the record you’re most proud of? If not, which is?
thomas: Yes because we didn’t let anyone interfere in the process. And we chose the right people to get on board with us and understand why giving songs for free online wasn’t suicide.

dyson: It’s a very cohesive sounding record compared to some of your past (and not in a bad way!) What do you credit the most to that?
thomas: Philippe Zdar

dyson: Do you have a preference for singing in French or English?
thomas: In order of preference : English, Italian, French.

dyson: What artists today do you think are making the biggest impact on music?
thomas: The ones that you don’t hear on the radio.

dyson: Is it too early to start thinking about a new Phoenix record?
thomas: No it is about time!

Have a listen to what Phoenix can do live. Here’s a recording from their ‘Live In Syndney’ album released online only available for download:
Phoenix – Lisztomania

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  1. amanda says:

    amazing! what an interview to nab and what a great show!

  2. casey says:

    thomas mars! no way. awesome interview

  3. Will says:

    This is HUGE. Congrats on scoring this man!

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  5. Chris Bracco says:

    Great stuff, man! I love that the responses were short and funny and informative at the same time, I hate reading interviews that have long, drawn out responses that go nowhere.

    Nice job!

  6. Will T says:

    Proud of you Dice, great work!

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