An interview with Yoko Ono

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If I’m the first to introduce you to Yoko Ono, I’m not really sure what to say. This 77 year old woman definitely holds some spot in the Websters definition of an artist. She’s never second guessed her decisions, never conformed to any norm, and definitely produced art that was only true to Yoko Ono.

Yoko has been hard at work cranking out dance club tracks that have made their way high up on the Billboard charts. Surprised by that fact? Well, that’s Yoko for you. Always one to surprise.

I was lucky enough to get her to answer a few questions about what’s been going on for her and talk a little bit about a new part of her remix series for the track “WOULDNIT (I’m A Star). Needless to say, the answers are very Yoko…

An interview with Yoko Ono

dyson: What’s the most exciting thing going on in your life right now?
yoko: That I am alive!

dyson: Congrats on your #1 spot on Billboard. Aside from yourself of course, who can you credit the most to help you get there?
yoko: I credit all to the brilliant remixers. Without whom… (ed. not sure what happened here)

dyson: There are a lot of remixes of “WOULDNIT (I’m A Star)”. Do you have a favorite?
yoko: I love them all.

dyson: If I’m correct with the lyrics, it sounds like you don’t feel like a star. How could this be possible? Or am I misinterpreting them?
yoko: The third verse is about all of us. She is saying, I know you don’t think I’m a star, but I am!

dyson: If you could work with anyone right now, who would it be?
yoko: Myself.

dyson: The recent big news is that The Beatles catalog finally made it to iTunes. What’s the most exciting part about this for you?
yoko: That it finally happened, and happened on John’s 70th birthday year.

dyson: If John was still around, what sort of role do you think he’d have in the music you’re making?
yoko: As usual, a guy who encouraged me to be me.

dyson: Do you think about him while you’re in the studio recording tracks?
yoko: Sometimes, sometimes not. But whether I am thinking or not, he’s always there for me.

dyson: Where is it you call home?
yoko: The Universe.

dyson: Who are some of your favorite artists out right now?
yoko: The Band GOASTT, by Sean Lennon and Charlotte Muhl.

dyson: What can we expect next from you?
yoko: More.

Have a listen to a remix from Emjae (audio warning on click) of “WOULDNIT (I’m A Star).
mp3: Yoko Ono – Emjae remix

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