Kurt von Stetten – Pyramid

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There’s been a musical force hiding in Boston that has been making some of the most unique and creative music over the past decade. Problem is, he’s a DIY studio rat who never really believed himself to be a performing artist. The producer/engineer in me can definitely relate with this.

Assuming it was due to the support from many fans of his 5 self produced/recorded/performed/written/engineered albums out of his spare bedroom, he was pulled out to the stage. Leading the short-lived Drama Queens, Kurt found a new home on the stage (but is still most likely more comfortable in the studio setting).

He continues to make his own records, the latest being Pyramid which took his DIY style to a new level. In parallel, Kurt plays drums for the badass Boston based group The Longwalls. As I write this, they’re currently off recording their 3rd album.

Have a listen to ‘Come Correck’ from Kurt’s latest release Pyramid. If you catch a line that makes you go “What the??”, leave a comment as to what it is.
mp3: Kurt von Stetten – Come Correck

Pyramid is without a doubt Kurt’s most accomplished record. It has everything that makes him who he is as a musician but takes the sonic edge up a notch. If you want to hear his previous works, they’re all available as free downloads on his Bandcamp page. I’ve listened to each of these and can safely say they’re all amazing pieces of work. Although Pyramid has taken it to the next level.

Signed to the great Boston indie label Static Motor Recordings, Kurt has a great home to showcase everything he’s done as an artist. But aside from his music, he’s what we would definitely call a Renaissance man. A BMX fanatic, photographer, and 100% completely DIY musician, I don’t feel like there is anything he couldn’t do if he set his mind out to it.

Honestly I can’t say enough about this record. Each song has something completely unique to it and once you reach the end and hear the silence, you wonder what the hell happened?? A stand out track aside from ‘Come Correck’ for me is the second song titled ‘Aioki’. The instant quirk you’ll hear sounds like something from an early Flaming Lips record. The opening catches your ear and leads you into this amazing hook with such a perfect play on the word Aioki. These two songs are enough to go out and pick up the record.

Have a look at the record cover and find all the links you’ll need below.
kurts blog
kurts twitter
kurts bandcamp

And the amazing label Static Motor Recordings

4 Responses to “Kurt von Stetten – Pyramid”

  1. Kyle says:

    i listened to this song two days ago and just about died at the “when an outstretched hand smells like farts” line. in a good or bad way? i’m not sure…

  2. Billy says:

    Just listened to his stuff on myspace! Ridiculously cool.

  3. Tina says:

    He’s an amazing guy. It’s hard to believe he did everything himself: cover art, recording, mixing, and all the instruments in the album. And every songs are all really unique!

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