Lenny Kravitz – My one hit wonder

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Lenny Kravitz has been a bit quiet lately. Or maybe I’m just not following his career close enough…

I’ve never been a big fan except for one standout tune, ‘It Ain’t Over ‘Til It’s Over’. This might be one of the best songs I’ve heard an artist come out with over my musically critical listening years.

This track has everything I love about music rolled up into one tight and neat package. The funk ass guitar meshed with the 70’s drum and bass. And why not sprinkle a bit of Rhodes on top of it all to make it that much more appealing.

Why stop there? Add in a killer breakdown with a Sitar thrown in while the insanely catchy string hook drives you right through the tune. And let’s not forget the vocal delivery of Lenny.

Falsetto blazing through the whole tune reaching into the deep pockets of Prince solidified by his switch back into his normal range on the lines “And all my doubts and fears kept me wondering, yeah. If I’d always, always, be in love.” Pardon my french but fuck me right side, Lenny sold me on that one.

I’ll admit it, I bought the cassette single of this one as a youngster and played the hell out of it. If you’re not familiar with the tune I’m happy to provide you with a listen. Please, tell me I’m out of my mind on this one or if you agree.
mp3: Lenny Kravitz – It Ain’t Over ‘Til It’s Over

3 Responses to “Lenny Kravitz – My one hit wonder”

  1. ah, the Roy Lichtenstein of pop (music that is, as Mr. Lichtenstein is indeed the Roy Lichtenstein of pop (art), natch!).

    Yeah, his stuff is sometimes fun to listen to, but he crosses the line from homage to outright thievery far too often for my tastes.
    This tune is blatant & unfrogivable in its poaching from The Style Council’s “You’re The Best Thing” (not that Paul Weller didn’t do some soul-stealing his own self!).
    Have a listen:

    Others have also unfavorably compared to Earth, Wind & Fire’s “That’s The Way Of The World”, but as far as guilty pleasures go, this one’s right up there.

  2. Ryan says:

    Have you heard the collaboration cover Kravitz did with Mick Jagger? It’s a song called “Use Me” by the great Bill Withers. The track can be found on the standout Jagger solo album, Wandering Spirit. (Worth mentioning that this Album is def. worth owning. Better than the Rolling Stones efforts that came after and preceded it.)

  3. Way west says:

    He’s not a one hit wonder. Remember “Are you gonna go my way?”,
    “fly away” and his “american woman” cover

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