Moving Units – Tension War EP

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Moving Units have hit me deep with a single off of their latest EP Tension War. In an odd way it brings me back to my love for Tigercity.

Some bits of falsetto, groove-tastic drums, and guitars laced with a funk edge that make you wonder how good these guys could be live. A video below will give you a little taste of what that’s like.

I was almost turned off from this EP due to having two remixes on it. Normally that’s a lame cop-out for me. But after having given it a solid listen, these guys are definitely worth sharing. But for me I’ll almost always pass on the remixes and just listen to the tracks rightfully deserving of being released.

Check out the track “Until She Says” from the Tension War EP and see if it digs your fancy. (digs your fancy? wtf?)
mp3: Moving Units – Until She Says

Also have a look at their video for “Available”.

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  1. delvin says:

    bestnewbands and both gave this high marks. but seriously? FIVEALBUMS i havent heard yet? ARGH!

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