An interview with Deep Dark Robot

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There’s not much I can say about Linda Perry’s career. It been pretty insane and maybe you’ve never heard her name before, but I can guarantee you’ve heard her work.

After many many years of tackling every aspect of music, she’s back at writing and performing her own work under the band name of Deep Dark Robot. It’s been a long time since her last solo record “In Flight” released in 1996. Now she’s teamed up with the amazing Tony Tornay to create 8 Songs About A Girl.

Have a read and a listen below to see what this whole record is all about.

Check out the opening track “I’m Coming For You” to get a small taste of the sound.
mp3: Deep Dark Robot – I’m Coming For You

Keep up with their website to get the latest on the record and when you can pick it up.

An interview with Deep Dark Robot

dyson: First off, I have to ask this question to everyone, Beatles or Stones?
linda: Beatles.
tony: Stones.
linda: (to tony) What? That’s bullshit. The Beatles are forever.

dyson: Linda, you’ve had quite a career over the years. From band leader, solo artist, songwriter, producer, and now you’re back to the artist thing along with the rest. What’s been your favorite position out of all of those?
I don’t really have a favorite yet because I feel like I’m still discovering. If life was 10 steps, I feel I’m on the second one. My career is based on a bunch of random decisions and it’s usually just me following the arrow of the universe or my gut feelings.

dyson: How did you and Tony come together to form Deep Dark Robot?
Tony and I met through Clementine Ford. He was her best friend and she was my girlfriend. We had met and I knew that Tony was a drummer. We started becoming friends and one day on a plane to Las Vegas I asked Tony if he wanted to be in this band. I had the band name called Deep Dark Robot and about 7 months later I called him up to come down to the studio. Within the first 5 measures we knew we were already meant to be in the band together.

dyson: Besides the two of you, who else played on the record?
The entire record is just me and Linda. We work really together and it’s just been really easy. It’s the kind of situation where we’ve invited people to come play on it and it totally changed the vibe of what we were doing. So we just kept it her and I for the record.

dyson: 8 Songs About A Girl seems like a pretty literal title to the record. I’m assuming it’s not your girl, Tony. So would you want to elaborate a little more, Linda about what it’s about?
Yeah, that basically came from being infatuated and falling for somebody that was a straight girl who pursued me. And once I made myself available she started teetering off but would keep me around. It would be a lot of pushing and pulling. I started having these emotions so I started writing these songs. It was starting to take the path of this love scorned type of thing and it was the 3rd song in that Tony said I was writing a concept album about a relationship. I started the album wanting it to be called “About a Girl” and only only have 8 songs on the record so Tony said how about “8 Songs About A Girl” and I said, perfect! The concept, sound, recording style was never really talked about so I just went into the studio, got everything dialed in and we just recorded. The album showed up based on a hurricane of raw emotion and then it ended up where it was.

dyson: Is the record done at this point?
The record is totally done and it’ll be out March 22nd. We’re shooting a video for every song. We start the tour March 12th and as far as the girl, she was just a really great muse. I never would have done this if the songs and the emotions didn’t just start coming.

dyson: Is it gonna be on vinyl? That’s my most important question.
Oh yeah dude! Fuck yeah we got it on vinyl! We just ok’d it the other day. You gotta have vinyl.

dyson: The tour kicks off March 11th. I hear you’re targeting smaller clubs?
We’re doing small venues across America. It seems like the right decision to make and I think that’s where we belong right now. We’ve assembled our band and I think our biggest venue on the tour is the Roxy which may hold 500 people? I think most of them are 200 seat rooms. I think it’s a really nice way for us to introduce ourselves to everybody.

dyson: Linda, it’s been about 14 or 15 years since your last solo record “In Flight” came out.
Yeah I’ve done a couple of little diddies but yeah, this is a completely new ballgame for me. I gotta brush off my cobwebs, wheel out the wheelchair, and roll me on the stage. And hopefully when I bend over to do a rock move I won’t break my hip. (followed by the awesome Linda laugh)

dyson: Even a small club of 200 people can even be more intimidating than stepping out to playing for 3,000 people. Do you guys have anything you like to do to cool yourselves out?
linda: I don’t because I don’t think I remember. I’m gonna have to figure it out and copy whatever Tony does.
tony: You know, just hang out, enjoy it, go play and then carry on to the next one. I’ve been playing in bands and clubs my whole life so it’s something I just sorta do. I look at it more like being able to spend quality time with one of my best friends and play some music with her. I’ve been fortunate enough to play in bands with people I have an immense amount of love and respect for. I look at it like sharing time with a friend and oh darn, we get to play for an hour.

dyson: I have to ask, this damn thing we call social media has taken over the world. How do you think it’s benefited you and what can musicians do the most to help themselves out?
Tony knows more about this than I do but it wasn’t until this year that I got on Facebook and Twitter. It’s awesome but I feel everything in moderation is good. When you start tweaking out on that shit it becomes a problem. There are pros and cons about everything. Do I think the whole social network is the antichrist? Yeah, absolutely. But do I think it’s also the birth of Christ? Yeah, absolutely. People are robbing you blind but you’re getting this incredible experience right now. The timeline is right now. Twitter and Facebook are helping these recluses interact in society in a weird way. I have a love/hate relationship with it. I don’t give a fuck. I don’t really care. For the past 5 minutes I just talked without knowing anything I just said. (another awesome Linda laugh)

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