Imaginary Cities – Temporary Resident

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I’ve been listening to the new record Temporary Resident from the group Imaginary Cities for a couple of days now. And all I can say is that I’m devastated I missed them at SXSW. Hoping they decide to make it to the east coast sometime soon.

Based out of Winnipeg Canada, I am once again humbled by our musical neighbors to the north. Marti Sarbit has one of the most unique voices I’ve heard in a great while and Rusty Matyas hardly slacks with his duties in the group.

Have a listen to the 2nd track “Hummingbird” off of Temporary Resident and see if it strikes your fancy. Sure stuck mine.
mp3: Imaginary Cities – Hummingbird

I love this record from start to finish. Really hard to throw it into a category or compare it to another group. Each song is it’s own and the sound is very unique to Imaginary Cities. Sometimes you throw on a record and say “Yeah, they sound just like _blank_”. Well that’s not the case here.

Killer production, killer songwriting, killer performances. What the hell more could you ask for?

Grab the record from Hidden Pony if you dig the sound. And shit, did I mention they’re opening for some unknown band called The Pixies on their tour in April?? Forgot about that little snippet of info.

Also here’s an acoustic video for the title track off of the record.

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  1. D Grant says:

    Dyson, great work again. Thanks for posting great musical flavor from indie acts from all over the place. Love these guys. Definitely will pick up their album. Keep up the great stuff man!

  2. D Grant says:

    Dyson, great work again.

  3. yeah must agree- good stuff!

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