The Longwalls – Careers in Science

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I’ve been a huge fan of The Longwalls for some time now. And I couldn’t be happier to see they’re rapidly making some noise on the Boston (and hopefully country-wide) music scene. Deservedly so.

With their 3rd release Careers in Science, the guys have found a very clean groove. Not just musically, call it more of a clean groove in an old vinyl. The vinyl was always there and enjoyable, but now someone has taken the time to pull out the discwasher and give that vinyl the full experience.

And might I add, their last release Dark Academy sounds like the bees knees on white vinyl.

Have a listen to a track from Careers in Science. Curious as to your thoughts on “Sargasso in Space” and tell me if you can pick out what’s going on lyrically. (shhhhh. but please, tell me if you do)
mp3: The Longwalls – Sargasso in Space

The record is set to be released on March 1st. Wait a god damn second, that’s today!!! What are you waiting for! Head over to Static Motor and get your ass a copy!

Listen. If Radiohead can pull off 8 songs and call it a full on record, then The Longwalls sure as hell can do the same. I’m going to can them LEPs. Are The Longwalls Radiohead? Not even close. But these Boston fellas sure know how to make some fine music for our ears.

Head over to Static Motor to get the full deal on the lineup and everything else surrounding the group. And also be sure to check out the killer artwork from Alex Budnitz below. AND if you’re in the Boston area check out the CD release show.
Details here:
Careers in Science CD Release show!
Friday, April 8
70 Union Sq.
Somerville, MA
w/ Glenn Yoder & Found Audio

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