Act As If – There’s a Light

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As I write the title of this post I wonder if the name of the group and record were intentionally meant to come out as a full sentence. Could this mean a series of new records (or songs) from the group that all play out as a full sentences? Cause that’d be pretty cool and some smart thinking on their behalf. Or maybe I’m just easily amused…

When I mention they, I really should be focusing on Peter Verdell from the amazing group Act As If. Verdell released his first EP in 2006, quit his job, toured with friend Andrew Ripp, and then pulled a great group together to add to his songs. Might I add he wrote and produced There’s a Light all on his own?

Released over a year ago, There’s a Light has gotten plenty of love from TV shows and fans mainly in the LA area where the group is based.

Check out the opening and title track “There’s a Light”. I wouldn’t post if I wasn’t a fan, so, trust me.
mp3: Act As If – There’s a Light

I’m a sucker for tracks that build into the ecstasy inducing, money note giving, tsunami sized swell of awesomeness. “There’s a Light” gives me this as well as many other tracks on the album. It’s one hell of a way to kick off the record.

I guess they fall into the indie pop category and that’s cool by me. Call it what you want, there’s music for all moods and Act As If have hit me in a sweet spot.

Head over to their website and find your preferred method if you want to grab the record. Also they have a lot of fun other videos and such on it. Well worth a visit. Check out the one for “About Saying and Meaning Goodbye”. Love this track.

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