Beady Eye – Different Gear, Still Speeding

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When I first heard about Beady Eye I was like, great, it’s Oasis without the talented brother. But after a few listens to the record, that initial reaction went away.

I’ve always been much more fond of Liam’s voice, but he kinda seemed like a dick. So the nice guy in me gravitated towards the Noel camp. But let’s face it, I’m not marrying the group or even trying to be friends with them. They’re here to provide me with entertainment and music to make my ears happy.

Different Gear, Still Speeding gives me that. The songs aren’t groundbreaking but it’s definitely a record I throw on and get that nostalgic feeling when music was, well, a bit “simpler”.

I may be becoming a crotchety old man, but sometimes it’s nice to hear a well produced, well recorded album that stands on it’s own. Beady Eye aren’t trying to be anything but who they know how to be. There are no Oasis classics that can bring a bar into a full out sing-along, but that’s cool. It’s still a pretty damn enjoyable record in my eyes.

Have a listen to the track “Millionaire”. It’s a good second track for an album and covers their sound pretty well.
mp3: Beady Eye – Millionaire

One thing I have a gripe with is the hook on the track “Beatles And Stones”. If I’m not mistaken, I believe Liam is singing “I’m gonna stand the test of time like Beatles and Stones”. Oasis was/is an enjoyable group but to make that comparison is just wrong and makes me think even more that he’s the rockstar prick who thinks too much of himself. But aside from that, I kinda dig the track.

There are definite ups and downs to the record. “Bring The Light” seems a bit out of place. But where they fall short on an “old schoolish sound” rocker like that, they make up for it on other tracks.

The record’s out now. If you’re curious and can take my 75% suggestion to grab it then do so. The vinyl is a bit pricey and not sure I’d shell out the cash for it (which is rare for me) but take a look at their online store and see what you think.

Check out the video for “Millionaire” from their appearance on Jools Holland. It’s no “Live Forever” (which is what got me into Oasis) but it’s still pretty cool.

And what the fuck. While we’re here, let’s take it back in time with my favorite. I still laugh at the pentatonic solo line I used to play on my guitar when I was 13. But the track kicks ass.

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