The Acre – Cerca Trova

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While walking into a Jamaica Plain venue called Milky Way one night, I heard this incredible musician covering what I remember to be “Sunken Treasure” by Wilco. (or maybe “Misunderstood”…) Needless to say, I was fucking floored and think Tweedy himself would have been in awe of how well Nick Murphy from The Acre covered it. It was near perfection yet he made it his own in the most perfectly subtle ways.

Come to find out, this is a guy I’ve drunkenly shared many amazing shows in Boston with. Clearly I drink too much… But knowing he’s in this band The Acre, I couldn’t wait to get my hands on their new record Cerca Trova.

I am blessed enough now to have the full record and let me say, it was damn well worth the wait. Working with Chris McLaughlin in a Masonic-Temple-turned-studio, the group was able to make a record they really wanted to. And it shows for sure.

Sorry folks, you’ll have to wait until the record release on April 29th to get the full taste. But for now let me give you a am small sample. Kinda like a heroin dealer who lets you sample their product. (I saw Basketball Diaries the other day. Give me a break) Have a listen to “Guilty Soul” and one other track from Cerca Trova.
mp3: The Acre – Guilty Soul
mp3: The Acre – Hemingwayl

The influences behind this band ranges more than I can put into words. The male/female vocal thing is extremely hot and they do it justice better than most other groups I’ve listened to.

If you’re in Boston on April 29th, I suggest you get your ass over to TT the Bears to catch the album release show along with other killer bands like Kingesly Flood, Pearl and the Beard, Bandit Kings, and Ugly Purple Sweater.

Have a look at the killer album cover for Cerca Trova.


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  1. man Hemingwayl is a great song! Very psyched to hear this today…

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