The Booze – At Maximum Volume

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I really don’t think The Booze are in the right era for music. But for myself and many others, they sure as fuck are. What the hell does that mean? It means these guys are stripping it down, rootsing it out, and writing songs with thought out chord progressions that work. They’re not trying to reinvent the wheel, just grease it up a little bit.

With their album At Maximum Volume being released this month, the guys have a new video for the kick ass track “Kick Me Where It Hurts”.

Check out the track and see if you dig it. It’s straight up feel good rock that has the perfect amount of edge I really get off on.
mp3: The Booze – Kick Me Where It Hurts

These Atlanta based guys have made a hell of a solid record. Calling it simple would be insulting it but I don’t have much else to go with. Maybe emotion? But that sounds like some lame shit to define these rockers. So fuck it, I’m not going to define them. They are who they are so take it or leave it.

Look for a show in your area and check out the video for “Kick Me Where It Hurts”.

The Booze on tour w/ the Biters
May 13 – Birmingham, AL – Das Haus
May 19 – Indianapolis, IN – Rock Lobster
May 20 – Milwaukee, WI – Quarter’s Rock N Roll
May 21 – Chicago, IL – Subterranean
May 22 – Cleveland, OH – Now That’s Class
May 23 – Rochester, NY – The Village Gate
May 24 – Baltimore, MD – Golden West Cafe
May 25 – Allston, MA – O’Briens
May 26 – Hoboken, NJ – Maxwell’s
May 27 – New York, NY – Bowery Electric
May 28 – Philadelphia, PA – Jrs

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