The Trews – Hope & Ruin

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I love when this happens. Find a band, start digging them, and then realize they have 3 prior albums you can go back to listen to. Apparently all different sounding/feeling from each other as well.

Canadian group The Trews are set to release their 4th record Hope & Ruin tomorrow on April 12th. They’ll be doing this pretty cool thing where if you buy the record from their site, you’ll get a free pass to a select few shows they’ll be playing. Only kicker is that they’re all in Canada…

Check out a track titled “One By One” off of the new release:
mp3: The Trews – One By One

The group recorded Hope & Ruin in a Canadian studio using my favorite method. Wake up at noon, do your thing, work out some ideas, and start tracking til the middle of the night. I did a record with a Vermont group in pretty much the same fashion. It’s such an ideal way to record music.

If “One By One” is any hint of the rest of the record, this is one I’ll be snagging. The track sounds fantastic, the vocals are dead on, and it brings me back to a place when actual songwriting seemed to be of great importance. You can tell the guys didn’t just slap this together. Spontaneity always comes into play but “One By One” is flushed out and well thought out. Needless to say, I dig it.

Be sure to head to their website to grab yourself a copy if you dig it like I do.

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