The Fight – New Young Electric

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Well, Canada strikes again. This time it’s with a group called The Fight from Edmonton who are about to release their first LP in July titled New Young Electric.

This thing is great. Solid tracks from start to finish that aren’t pretentious, contrived, or trying to be something they can’t be. They flow with ease from the second you drop the needle on the record. (ok, I don’t have the 180 gram vinyl yet but am definitely psyched they’ll be releasing one!)

The guys are putting out the record on their own startup label, Paperbird. I definitely take my hats off to them for doing that. These guys are putting in the effort all across the board and I hope it pays off. They’ve got solid material so it’d be a shame not to see the group and label take off.

Have a listen to 2 tracks off of New Young Electric.
mp3: The Fight – Houses
mp3: The Fight – Broken

I’m definitely psyched for the vinyl release. The Fight have put out a solid record and it’s one I’d be happy to add to my collection of fine wax. Some people like Fine China, I dig on Fine Wax. To each his own, right? My preference just sounds better…

Check out the album artwork for New Young Electric and be sure to pick it up this coming July:

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