Vanaprasta – G-

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I’m almost too excited to even write a damn thing about this track. Vanaprasta, one of my favorite LA groups have just unleashed their first out of 3 singles off of their upcoming record. And hot damn, I’m speechless.

I’ve been a fan of these guys for some time now but what has always set me over the top is their live show. The first track released titled “G-” is an extremely solid representation and glimmer into what a Vanaprasta show can hold for you. It’s completely epic. My 5th grade writing level can in no way do justice for trying to describe this track to you.

So I’m not going to bother. Crank up your damn speakers and give a listen to “G-“.
mp3: Vanaprasta – G-

If that doesn’t get your panties in a twist, well, turn that shit up louder and give it another listen!

I can’t even describe how excited I am to have a full length from these guys. They’ve got some music to grab on their site, but this is one I’ll have to keep you updated on. There’s no release date planned yet and the word on a vinyl is still up in the air. My fingers are crossed I’ll get to add a 12″ to accompany my 7″ of theirs.

The guys play pretty regularly out in LA so if you’re in the area and haven’t caught a show yet, get your ass out there and see why I’m making such a big fuss.

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  1. Ryan says:

    Caught them in Austin at Rusty Spurs. They were playing in front of a depressingly small crowd but I stayed to catch one of the better sets I saw there in six days. Definitely won me over. Love people that seem to be in it for the best reasons. Strong performers!

  2. Media Runner says:

    No doubt gets my panties twisting.
    especially “Color of Sin” on their Forming the Shapes ep.
    yeah. Thanks for sharing.

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