So Many Wizards – Inner City / Best Friends 7″

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There’s something about the words “Limited Edition 7″ that get me all a flutter. Even better when I get to listen to the tracks beforehand and decide how much I really want to pre-order that 7”.

Well, in this case you get to share along with me. So Many Wizards (audio warning on click) are releasing two tracks “Inner City” and “Best Friends” on a limited edition 7″ (500 copies) on a boutique label called Seven Inch Project.

Good news is that the tracks are pretty awesome. (really descriptive, huh?) Fuck it, just give them a listen and see if they’re something you’d be interested in.

mp3: So Many Wizards – Inner City
mp3: So Many Wizards – Best Friends

So yeah, these guys are pretty legit. Wouldn’t you say?

Wow, lamest post ever for some awesome new music. Sorry guys and gals.

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  1. Tiana says:

    Why isn’t the word sexy anywhere??!!

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