The Deer Republic – Feel Like Dancing

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Well, as a debut single goes, I’d say the guys from The Deer Republic caught my attention. Their track “Feel Like Dancing” definitely shows a world a promise from what lies ahead for the group. I’m just pissed they only have one track I can listen to!

Apparently the group has had some other demos that have done pretty well on the radio and other mediums. But this is the first that we have done in a proper studio environment from what I can gather.

I really wish I could tell you more about these guys. All I know is that they’re a 4 piece based in Syndney and have some huge potential for a band to look out for.

Enough blabbering. Check out “Feel Like Dancing” and shit, if you do, fucking dance!!
mp3: The Deer Republic – Feel Like Dancing

Normally I’m a guy who writes too damn much when all you want to do is hear the music. But what can I say, the track speaks for itself and keep The Deer Republic in your radar. I don’t think this is the last you’ll be hearing of these guys…

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