You Won’t – Skeptic Goodbye

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Alright. It’s time to bring it back local style. There’s a new Boston based duo out there who have definitely got my goodies in a flutter. You Won’t are releasing their debut album Skeptic Goodbye on Bandcamp and CD Baby.

I’ve had a chance to listen to it twice over now and hot damn, it’s pretty fucking good! This duo states where their influences are drawn from but I’m not going to name them. That’s actually doing this music an injustice.

The songs are great, palatable yet the production on them keeps the record really interesting. More on that later…

For now check out “Who Knew” from their debut release Skeptic Goodbye. As a huge Back to the Future nerd, these guys pulled me right in with an amazing line. See if you can spot it…
mp3: You Won’t – Who Knew

So back to the production thing. Each song ranges from going lo-fi, to nicely produced (sort of Dodos-esque but not really) and everywhere in the in between. No song sounds the same and keeps you wanting to listen on and on. For a duo I definitely pull my hat off to these guys. They did a great job of keeping it interesting. (pull my hat off? I don’t even wear a damn hat…)

They’ve got some Boston shows lined up in the near future. They’ll be playing Precinct on June 21st and Atwood’s June 28th. Definitely want to hobble my gimpy ass out to one of those shows. Feel it would be well worth it.

Check out here for more shows as they’re added in.

And seriously folks, they picked two great places to grab their record. If you like what you hear then head to these fine online retailers and make a purchase.

CD Baby

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  1. We loved this album! Check out the acoustic session we recorded with the guys earlier this summer. Let us know what you think

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