The Barr Brothers – Beggar in the Morning

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The Barr Brothers are something to behold. Annnd end post. Nah, I’m kidding. These guys do it up right. If I were to define any sort of ‘genre’ that I dig I’m going to now say it’s The Barr Brothers. I’m not saying they define a genre, but their sound defines what my ears like to hear.

Brad and Andrew Barr are some talented dudes. Dip diving all around the country and into the great state up north (Canada) these guys have been making music for some time now. Their self titled release was tossed around to local fans, friends and hopefully family… But now it’s made it to Secret City Records and will be available to the world on Sept 27th.

Have a listen to the purest song I’ve heard in a long time. If you’re disappointed, stop reading and go listen to some Wham! (ok ok, you know I love Wham!. sorry for the dig…)

mp3: The Barr Brothers – Beggar in the Morning

Joined on their self titled release are Sarah Page and Andres Vial. If you haven’t heard of this group by now, I’m kind of surprised. And if you haven’t heard of them a month or two after the release of the record, I’ll be even more surprised.

Apparently I met these guys at a Kurt Vile/Woods show in Boston one night? This is according to my girl Jess over at New Music Collaborative. Apparently I might have had a few too many that evening and it’s a shame. Or I just meet so many damn musicians I can’t keep them all straight. No matter what it is, these guys should have stuck in my head. But I may have also been a little occupied by the tunes coming off of the stage…

Pick up the record from Secret City Records once it comes out on Sept 27th. If you’re disappointed, I have a dysonsound guaranteed return policy that I’ll send you some shitty CD back you may actually like. And good news? It’ll be released on vinyl as well. You know that gets me going.

Want a little live action? Yeah ya do. Stunning…

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  2. Gil Michael says:

    This is superb! Thanks for turning me on to this band!

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