Anna Rose – My Body Is A Cage

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I don’t post many covers here on the site. Any good reason? Not really… But I guess it takes a lot for me to get behind a cover. The lovely Anna Rose has fallen into that category of making me really dig a cover of sadly what I think is one the weakest songs by a popular group.

I remember vividly being at an Arcade Fire show during the Neon Bible tour and they put on one of the most rocking sets I had seen in my life. Only not to close out the set with an anthem banger, but leave us all blue balled (male and females alike) with their down tempo closer ‘My Body Is A Cage’.

For that show, I hated them and the song. They walked off the stage without everyone being in the palms of their hand like they should, but with people literally booing them.

Enter Anna Rose to fix things for me.

She’s taken ‘My Body Is A Cage’ and done what Arcade Fire should have done, written the song but given it to an artist who would do it justice.

By now you’re saying “alright Dyson, just give us the damn song to listen to”. Keep your britches on. Here she is:
mp3: Anna Rose – My Body Is A Cage

Emotionally gorgeously packed vocals sitting on top of dampered drums and one of the most ear pleasing guitar tracks I’ve heard recorded in some time. Now THIS is the way the song should have come out. I put on the Arcade Fire version just as a comparison and I don’t think I can even listen to it now. Anna, you’ve ruined it for me in the most perfect way possible.

This is the first I’ve heard of Anna Rose but word is that this 26 year old beauty is currently in the studio working on a follow up to her 2010 album Nomad. Clearly I’m gonna have to go pick that one up.

Also she kicks off a pretty cool 3 part deal in Boston on Sept 2oth. The Ames Sessions are 3 consecutive Tuesdays of live music at the Ames Hotel. Morgans Hotel Group, The MuseBox, and The Weekly Dig have all teamed up to put on this mini series. I know I’m going to try to get my ass down there to catch Anna and her set if not all of them.

Here’s the lineup:
September 20th – Anna Rose
September 27th – The Trachtenberg Family Slideshow Players
October 4th – Kim Boekbinder

Head over to Anna’s website (which if you put a blue background on would remind me a lot of Jens Lekman’s…) and see what she’s up to.

3 Responses to “Anna Rose – My Body Is A Cage”

  1. Nathan says:

    Man, I dunno… she took out all of the bombast! Don’t get me wrong, I can see why you’d be a little bummed to have them close out one of their concerts with it, but frankly I see My Body is a Cage to be the only great song on Neon Bible (which I suppose is the biggest reason why we differ) and it’s just not got the same punch without the eruption of sound. The guitar’s really nice, but quiet and meditative cover songs are a dime a dozen.

  2. Sarah says:

    Completely agree with Nathan on it being a “dime a dozen” cover. Pretty enough, but extremely boring in comparison with the original. It caused me to run back to Arcade Fire with a quickness. — Thanks for reminding me how wonderful Arcade Fire is, though. They are unequivocally the artist who did the song justice.

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