Eolune – Ghost Departure

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Time to bring it back local style. Boston based band Eolune have a pretty rocking and tightly produced track titled ‘Ghost Departure’ I want to share with you from their Tiny Oceans EP.

You can grab both EPs they’ve put out from bandcamp and all proceeds go to the America Red Cross Relief Effort in Japan. That’s pretty cool in my book. Plus they’re pretty solid EPs. Name your price folks.

Check out ‘Ghost Departure’ from their latest EP. It’s a tight rocker that among some of the indie mess that’s out there today, well, it’s kind of nice on the ears. But maybe a night time track. Might not be the best thing bright and early in the morning. That may just be me, we all have our moods and tastes.
mp3: Eolune – Ghost Departure

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  1. Await Rescue says:

    Eolune is definitely a very cool band that I am glad you posted about. After listening to “Ghost Departure,” I headed over to their bandcamp and checked out both of their EP’s, which I thoroughly enjoyed.

    In a way, they reminded me of the band Statehood, that you might be interested in. Statehood’s sound is a mix between the energy of At the Drive-In and the catchy guitar riffs of Minus The Bear. And to top it off, the band’s rhythm section was comprised of the bass player and drummer from The Dismemberment Plan.

    You can check out Statehood’s tracks here:

    Unfortunately, Statehood ended far too prematurely due to the passing of the band’s singer, guitarist, and leader Clark Sabine.

    Statehood was a very unqiue band with a refreshingyly infectious Rock sound that was highly original. Their album “Lies and Rhetoric” will undoubtedly leave you wondering what could have been and wanting more, which is a tribute to how great they truly were.

    If you enjoy what you hear, I can send you the full album.

    Keep up the great work on the blog!

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