Red Eye Fugu – Night Runner video

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I’m extremely proud and honored to bring you a premiere of the video for ‘Night Runner’, a track off of Red Eye Fugu’s latest self released Watchers LP.

Formerly known as Poster Child, Enzo Tiano has created something new on this latest LP. He’s the man who does it all. And I couldn’t be excited to share the video for ‘Night Runner’ directed by Jhovany Quiroz.

Wait no more, watch the contrastly visually stunning video for ‘Night Runner’ off of Red Eye Fugu’s latest LP, Watchers.

Check out a few words from both director Jhovany Quiroz and the man behind Red Eye Fugu, Enzo Tiano while they speak a little bit about the video.

Jhovany Quiroz: (Director)
Inspiration for this video really came from the music itself. I took some time and really listened to the layers and the depth of the song and did my best to represent it visually. Thematically we wanted the video to be ambiguous.

Night Runner was an exercise in organic film making with an emphasis on creating a visually stimulating experience directly inspired by the music of Red Eye Fugu. The ambiguousness of the project has much to do with the subject matter of the entire Watchers album which dealt with ideas of the paranormal, conspiracy theory and cult followings. Inspiration really came from listening to Night Runner and honing in on the mood that the track evoked and physically attempting to recreate that visually. I’ve been influenced by Darren Aronofsky and David Lynch visually and Gabriel Garcia Marquez otherwise.

Enzo Tiano: (Red Eye Fugu)
After watching a David Lynch film, three questions come to mind; One, is there a meaning to all this? Two, why do characters morph just when you’re getting to know them? Three, what the hell did I just watch, a dream from a waking life or a memory that never happened? Collectively, the visual and lyrical inspiration for Night Runner seem to dash its way towards the obscurity of life after death and the acceptance of things we cannot understand.

As a valiant attempt to replicate this concept, Jhovany Quiroz and Enzo Tiano ventured on to capture the delicate nuance between a man searching for himself and the night that cloaks the road ahead. Quiroz mentioned, “ We both wanted to make a video that enables the viewers to interpret the meaning in their own way. For the most part, the character is in search of something we can’t put our finger on. I believe this is parallel to who we are as people”.

mp3: Red Eye Fugu – Night Runner
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