Spirit Animal – I’m Around’

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Get yourselves ready to hear a great track. And probably want to shell out some money for a pretty awesome 7″. Just giving you a heads up before you go any further…

Spirit Animal are a group that are definitely busting their ass. And from my point of view, it seems to be paying off. Tonight they kick off a residency at Pianos in NYC, and anyone down in the NYC area should get your ass over there. Wish I could make it down for a night.

Have a listen to their latest track titled I’m Around’. I warned you earlier, it’s pretty damn good.
mp3: Spirit Animal – I’m Around’

Apparently this one had a lot of involvement from friends. In my humble opinion after years of producing and engineering records, these types of songs always come out the best. Sections were recorded, tossed out, added in, they ran the gamut with this one.

Another exciting bit is how it will be released (aside from heading to their FaceBook page, site, or other places you can grab the boring old mp3 version. This will be put on some sexy wax with a B-Side from my friend and idol, Chris Garneau. Pick up that vinyl with the pre-order link on their site.

And now some viewing. Check out the video for ‘Broken Paradise’ Directed and edited by Ben Fee.

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  1. Gil Michael says:

    Second song I’ve listened to on your recommendation and it is incredible!

  2. Allison Rizk says:

    You hit every song out of the ballpark. Yours is one of the few blogs I listen to every single suggestion. You rock!

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