Vanaprasta – Nine Equals Nine

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I’m happy to share with you another track off of what is most likely my most highly anticipated album of the year. LA boys Vanaprasta are gearing up to release Healthy Geometry and have slipped out the opening track for your aural pleasure.

‘Nine Equals Nine’ is nothing short of perfect. After hearing this and ‘G -‘, all I can say is that I’m even more excited for this record to come out.  These guys are incredible live but these studio cuts we’ve heard are really capturing the fullness of their sound.

Have a listen to ‘Nine Equals Nine’. It’s a slow burner so give it a chance. I can absolutely guarantee it’s worth the wait.
mp3: Vanaprasta – Nine Equals Nine

If you don’t wanna make sweet love to the vocals that Steven lays down then maybe you can find some turn on from the drum track thumping away from Ben. Not a fan of either? Well why don’t you wait til the breakdown when all you get is some sweet ass vocals and drum grooves. Seriously, if you can’t find anything to love in this track, well… god have mercy on you.

I can’t stress to you enough how excited I am for Healthy Geometry to be released. This album is gonna blow the scene away and pave the way for Vanaprasta to make their claim as one of the best bands out there right now.

They make me want to live in LA. Screw Hollywood, screw the nice weather, I’d move to LA just to be able to catch regular shows from these guys.

4 Responses to “Vanaprasta – Nine Equals Nine”

  1. Bob Snob says:

    I live in LA. Where r they playing next?

  2. Brendan says:

    Followed by a residency at The Satellite, Mondays in November.

  3. Lisa says:

    seriously cool band. I’d die to see the them live.
    oh and that’s a hell of a great blog. I’ve discovered many great bands in just under 5 minutes. would love to read more from you!

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