New Shouts – The Reins to Your Heart

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I’ve been digging through my inbox because I stupidly forgot to flag this track as one I wanted to write about. Well lucky for you and I, I found it!

New Shouts are a group from Pittsburgh who have recently released their LP/EP (not sure, it’s a group of 7 songs) titled Sing New Shouts. Wanna pick her up? Head over to their bandcamp page and grab it.

But “hold the phone”, you say! “I haven’t even heard anything by them yet! Why would I want the album!?” Hold tight and check out this beauty of a track. You’ll get why I went email diving to dig this one back up.

Here’s the stellar opener from their album Sing New Shouts titled ‘The Reins to Your Heart”.
mp3: New Shouts – The Reins to Your Heart

Digging that, huh? The guys formed the group in hopes of it being a girl or soul group. The girl thing never worked out but they definitely got the soul vibe down.

The rest of the tracks on the record range but each one is a blast and I guarantee that if you throw this one at a party, it’ll be a hit. It just better be a cool party, not one with humpin and grindin going on. But who knows? People might get the urge and do so. I wouldn’t stop it but I also wouldn’t recommend it. People can get hurt doing that sort of thing!

If you’re in Pittsburgh on Oct 14th they’ve got a show at the Brillobox. I can only imagine how much fun this live show would be.

3 Responses to “New Shouts – The Reins to Your Heart”

  1. Kyle says:

    I’m in love. Gonna put these guys on my site. Nice find.

  2. Sam says:

    Pretty decent. I liked when the harmonies kicked in. Felt a little *too* old school for me, maybe a bit too rooted in a mid-60’s thing, but I only have listened to “Reins” so far. I’ll check out the bandcamp stuff, tho.

  3. Sam says:

    Yeah, taking a longer listen, it gets some good funky stuff in there on “Hung On You” and “Bang Slang”. Definitely a good local-type band you’d go to see & hang out some night.

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