White Label – Stolen Voices

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I’ll start out with the lamest way to describe a record but the most accurate way… This record is really really cool. And you’re all probably wondering “This dude writes a blog?”.

I’m not one to muster up hip, quotable, new ways to describe a sound or a record. I know what I like and all I want to do is share it with you in hopes you’ll dig it too. The record Stolen Voices from White Label is the latest I’ve come across that really got me excited.

A trio originally from Scotland, these fellas are now located in London and Berlin. They pieced together this record over the air via Skype from the UK to Germany and then mixed the beauty in London.

You can download the record from their site but what fun is that? The real fun is in spinning it on some wax. Definitely can’t wait to hear it for myself. Pick it up from their site as well.

For now, check out the album opener titled ‘Jean 1’. May seem like an odd name for a song. But I’ll explain after you give it a listen.
mp3: White Label – Jean 1

Each song is pieced together from rare, unreleased, or demo cuts of songs ranging back from when music was undeniably awesome. The cut you heard was described like this: “Jean 1 is a Northern Soul reworking of 5.30 Plane by The Supremes, sung by Jean Terrell and taken from the 1972 LP The Supremes Produced And Arranged By Jimmy Webb. The version here was lifted from a scratchy seven-inch recorded onto a hissy C60.”

Each song follows the same guidelines. You get some Todd Rundgren, Beatles, Billie Holiday, and many others. It’s a total music nerds paradise. Do yourself a favor and snag this one. Even if it is just for the mp3s, you’ll dig it. I definitely did. But I can’t stress enough that the wax is the way to go. But this is me, your man dyson here. Would you expect me to push mp3s over vinyl?? If you do, clearly you’re not reading enough.

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  1. D Grant says:

    You know Dyson, I’m the same way. I like what I like and there’s no need for cliched ways to say that. Thanks for an honest take on this record. Love your blog and your work.

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