Rah Rah – Breaking Hearts

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I’m such a sucker for a pretty girl with a pretty voice. And Justin Bieber ain’t my type… But that’s exactly what you get on the track featured off of Rah Rah‘s latest record, Breaking Hearts. (nothing Bieber sounding. That was a joke folks)

Released November 15th here in the States, this record is quite a trip. It’s got a wide range of sonic glory on here that is packed neatly in a 13 track album.

Check out the closing track, “Parkade”. Gorgeous vocals lay on top of a bed a smooth sounds that settle into a larger moment of, well, something. Use your imagination during that part. I can’t do all the thinking for you!
mp3: Rah Rah – Parkade

The group has had lots of love touring around the States, Canada, and Europe. Keep up on their site to find out more details regarding upcoming gigs and also to buy the killer record Breaking Hearts.

Here’s also a video for “Parkade”. Enjoy!

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