Ryan Traster – Junkie Bones

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As you probably noticed, I’m not an everyday blogger. I only post what I really like. So it goes without saying that if it’s up on the site, I really dig the sounds I’m hearing.

This is no exception with Ryan Traster and his track ‘Junkie Bones’ from his latest EP Good Hearts. It’s an amazing mix of raw rock, folk, and bit of that sweet spot that makes it sound current. A catchy hook definitely doesn’t hurt the likability of the track either.

Have a listen to ‘Junkie Bones’ and see what you think.
mp3: Ryan Traster – Junkie Bones

I love listening to records while I write. And if you like the sound of that track, you’ll be super pleased with the whole EP. Every song keeps a similar vibe but has enough different elements to keep it interesting.

Ryan’s been out touring as a solo artist for the past 2 years. Prior to that he played in a Minneapolis group called Small Towns Burn a Little Slower. Good Hearts will be released Oct. 25th. Be sure to catch a show as he travels from NYC to LA promoting the record.

Grab the track here and be sure to head over to his site to keep up on tour dates and where to snag the EP.

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