Saint Motel – At Least I Have Nothing

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Good news just came by my way on this chilly but gorgeous Boston afternoon. Saint Motel released a new track titled “At Least I Have Nothing” and well, it’s awesome. I’m an instant fan of the track and I’m pretty sure you will be as well.

Even better news? It’s going onto my favorite medium. You can head here to pre-order the 7″ of it. This is their first vinyl release and one that’ll sit well in any collection.

Have a listen. The B-side will be be another awesome track titled “Puzzle Pieces”. It’s sexy.
mp3: Saint Motel – At Least I Have Nothing

For the most part, lyrics are meant to mean something different to everyone who listens to them. You can analyze away at what the artist was trying to get across, but really they’re meant to be unique to our own interpretation.

This is no different for “At Least I Have Nothing”. But at least we’re given a little nudge with help from the group:

In some ways, “At Least I Have Nothing” is a fucked up
look at the bright side of utter despair.  When you have nothing, maybe
that nothingness is actually something…freedom.

There you have it. Some new wax to get your hands on. I for one and pumped and I hope you are as well. Pre-order it here.

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