Kurt von Stetten – Cyclops

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Boston has a hidden gem that’s slowly but surely becoming less and less secret. Kurt von Stetten is about to release his 80th studio record titled Cyclops on Dec. 13th (slight exaggeration but the dude’s made a ton of music).

I say this every time I try to muster up something to write about a band or artist, but Kurt definitely can not be genre defined. If you come up with one, well then shit, he’s sitting alone in it. But with the amount of aural pleasure that’s coming from that genre, I’m sure it’s not much of a lonely place.

I’d really like to post my favorite track but I’ll make you hold out in suspense until you get your hands on the record. Just like Girls did with “Vomit”, Kurt made a standout track and titled it “Pussy”. Although a bit shocking and potentially offending to women who take themselves too seriously, I couldn’t think of a better title for the track.

But for now, have a listen to “Codify”. You’ll quickly hear that it’s a bit different than what Kurt gave us on his last record Pyramid, but definitely is a nice progression and mixes things up while being distinctly, Kurt von Stetten.
mp3: Kurt von Stetten – Codify

I’d say his last record Pyramid was a bit more playful and pop oriented, but with tracks titled “Unclothed Art Students Screaming in a Circle” and probably my favorite closer ever on an album, “Indie Rock Kids”, you know that humor and playfulness has to come through just like it did on Pyramid. And it does. The arrangements and production are a little more of a throwback to an underground rock scene of the 90’s where hip youth would gather around and relate with the rocking beats and creative lyrics Kurt throws at you.

As with everything Kurt von Stetten related, you can find all you need on him over at the fantastic Boston based label, Static Motor. You know me, I’d highly recommend the 10″ vinyl. I was lucky enough to get an advance copy of it and have already had it on the table many times. BUT the coolest part? It’s custom printed with the Cyclops giving a little love to dysonsound. Check out the photo below and be sure to check out this record. I promise as always, zero disappointment. Maybe if you sweet talk Kurt enough, he’ll be crazy enough to print you your very own custom vinyl. Who knows.


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