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The Barr Brothers – Beggar in the Morning

The Barr Brothers are something to behold. Annnd end post. Nah, I’m kidding. These guys do it up right. If I were to define any sort of ‘genre’ that I dig I’m going to now say it’s The Barr Brothers. I’m not saying they define a genre, but their sound defines what my ears like to hear.

Brad and Andrew Barr are some talented dudes. Dip diving all around the country and into the great state up north (Canada) these guys have been making music for some time now. Their self titled release was tossed around to local fans, friends and hopefully family… But now it’s made it to Secret City Records and will be available to the world on Sept 27th.



STARRED are the workings of Liza Thorn and Matthew Koshak. But they’re way more than that. They’re a group that got sent my way that I instantly fell in love with. And from my interactions with them, I can safely say that Liza is a pretty rad chick.

My range of taste is across the board. Someone listen to this and try to classify it into a genre. That’s really what I’m terrible with.

What I know is that I dig these two tracks and that’s about it. Why do I need to explain more? I don’t know Liza or Matthew’s history. All I know is that these two tracks ended up in my listening ears and I dug them.


Amy Winehouse – Thanks for the music

I got into blogging about music as a form of music therapy. I was tired of boring all my friends with my musical ramblings. But then it turns into more than that. You gain some readers and then use your online presence to introduce the world to awesome new music.

Well, I’m here writing this as a therapy session.

Today we lost one of the most beautifully talented women of rock to the stupid fate of a life that got out of her control. When addiction takes over, it’s a huge challenge to overcome that. I know as a man who has dealt with varying levels of it in my life.


Girls – Vomit

Wellllll the end of my day just got a little brighter with a new track from one of my favorite groups, Girls. They’ve got their new record Father, Son, Holy Ghost on September 12th in the UK and the 13th in the States (what’s up with that from a San Fran band guys?)

Oh man does “Vomit” sound promising. Nice name for such a beautifully epic song. I’d imagine that to be some shitty punk band’s track. But this thing is above and beyond words. “Come into my heart” sings Christopher Owens as Floyd-esque epicness swells beyond him.

I’ll shut up and let you listen. Enjoy!


Railbird – No One

photo credit: Amanda Picotte
God damn I love being a music blogger. I’ve said this before, but being able to have access to such amazing music all of the time is one of the biggest perks. And this artist is no different.

Railbird is the work of Sarah K. Pedinotti with help from some amazing musicians. Their debut record No One is out now and available on their website and other mediums. I’m giving it my second spin now and am completely in awe.


Brian Wilson – Lifetime Achievement Award

There are few true musical geniuses in the world. The one I hold in the highest regard has to be Brian Wilson. When I tell people I’m a Beach Boys fan they snicker, but really what I’m saying is that I’m a Brian Wilson fan. (and while I’m on the topic, fuck you Mike Love)

There has been no one man who has impacted everything I’ve done musically in my life more than Brian Wilson. He has an ear (literally one working one) that I would give my two legs for. If I could get into his mind I would be a the happiest man on earth.

Getting a Lifetime Achievement Award at the NXNE festival by NOW magazine is pretty cool. But god damn the man deserves more than that! Ok fine, MAYBE getting inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is pretty good…


You Won’t – Skeptic Goodbye

Alright. It’s time to bring it back local style. There’s a new Boston based duo out there who have definitely got my goodies in a flutter. You Won’t are releasing their debut album Skeptic Goodbye on Bandcamp and CD Baby.

I’ve had a chance to listen to it twice over now and hot damn, it’s pretty fucking good! This duo states where their influences are drawn from but I’m not going to name them. That’s actually doing this music an injustice.

The songs are great, palatable yet the production on them keeps the record really interesting. More on that later…


So Many Wizards – Inner City / Best Friends 7″

There’s something about the words “Limited Edition 7″ that get me all a flutter. Even better when I get to listen to the tracks beforehand and decide how much I really want to pre-order that 7”.

Well, in this case you get to share along with me. So Many Wizards (audio warning on click) are releasing two tracks “Inner City” and “Best Friends” on a limited edition 7″ (500 copies) on a boutique label called Seven Inch Project.

Good news is that the tracks are pretty awesome. (really descriptive, huh?) Fuck it, just give them a listen and see if they’re something you’d be interested in.


The Deer Republic – Feel Like Dancing

Well, as a debut single goes, I’d say the guys from The Deer Republic caught my attention. Their track “Feel Like Dancing” definitely shows a world a promise from what lies ahead for the group. I’m just pissed they only have one track I can listen to!

Apparently the group has had some other demos that have done pretty well on the radio and other mediums. But this is the first that we have done in a proper studio environment from what I can gather.


The Fight – New Young Electric

Well, Canada strikes again. This time it’s with a group called The Fight from Edmonton who are about to release their first LP in July titled New Young Electric.

This thing is great. Solid tracks from start to finish that aren’t pretentious, contrived, or trying to be something they can’t be. They flow with ease from the second you drop the needle on the record. (ok, I don’t have the 180 gram vinyl yet but am definitely psyched they’ll be releasing one!)


Vanaprasta – G-

I’m almost too excited to even write a damn thing about this track. Vanaprasta, one of my favorite LA groups have just unleashed their first out of 3 singles off of their upcoming record. And hot damn, I’m speechless.

I’ve been a fan of these guys for some time now but what has always set me over the top is their live show. The first track released titled “G-” is an extremely solid representation and glimmer into what a Vanaprasta show can hold for you. It’s completely epic. My 5th grade writing level can in no way do justice for trying to describe this track to you.


Song Sparrow Research –
Welcome to the Potato Famine

photo credit goes to Ethan Welty

Music just lands in my lap. God damn I’m a lucky man. And while there’s a lot of crap out there, some of the stuff that makes it to my ears is just amazing.

The most recent present has been a debut record from a Seattle band called Song Sparrow Research. I would have never heard of these guys if I wasn’t into the blogging game. So call me the prophet sent to pass along these sounds and have them hit your ears. (pretentious much?) You don’t need to answer that. I already know the answer. (it’s yes by the way)

Welcome to the Potato Famine is nothing that’s going to blow your head off. It’s just a solid debut album from guys who know how make some kick ass sounds. And in my eyes, that’s all i can ever ask for when listening a new band/record.


Saint Motel – Puzzle Pieces

It’s simple enough. I heard the intro to the track “Puzzle Pieces” from the group Saint Motel (audio warning on click) and wondered where the hell it was gonna go. It was like a person on a road trip cross country waiting to see which adventurous path they were going to go down. Lucky for me, they chose the right path.

A drum roll builds to kick us into some of the most fun yet thought out and legit sounding track I had hoped for. It twists and turns through out but always stays at that same level of awesomeness I hoped it would. Each section accompanies the next perfectly.

Now just to get my hands on more of their music…


Beady Eye – Different Gear, Still Speeding

When I first heard about Beady Eye I was like, great, it’s Oasis without the talented brother. But after a few listens to the record, that initial reaction went away.

I’ve always been much more fond of Liam’s voice, but he kinda seemed like a dick. So the nice guy in me gravitated towards the Noel camp. But let’s face it, I’m not marrying the group or even trying to be friends with them. They’re here to provide me with entertainment and music to make my ears happy.

Different Gear, Still Speeding gives me that. The songs aren’t groundbreaking but it’s definitely a record I throw on and get that nostalgic feeling when music was, well, a bit “simpler”.


Vandervelde – More Than You Can Feel

Can I just start out by saying how much I love this photo? It turns me on in an awkward way. He’s a good looking dude but it mainly has to do with the dog and gear around him. Sexy…

Blogger recommendations are ones I take the most seriously because once we develop a relationship and friendship, they tend to know what I’m going to dig or not. Kyle from Music Savage told me about Vandervelde a while back. I took his recommendation, listened, and dug what I heard.

So here we are with a brand new track from him titled “More Than You Can Feel”. What can I say. It’s fucking awesome.


The Booze – At Maximum Volume

I really don’t think The Booze are in the right era for music. But for myself and many others, they sure as fuck are. What the hell does that mean? It means these guys are stripping it down, rootsing it out, and writing songs with thought out chord progressions that work. They’re not trying to reinvent the wheel, just grease it up a little bit.

With their album At Maximum Volume being released this month, the guys have a new video for the kick ass track “Kick Me Where It Hurts”.


Act As If – There’s a Light

As I write the title of this post I wonder if the name of the group and record were intentionally meant to come out as a full sentence. Could this mean a series of new records (or songs) from the group that all play out as a full sentences? Cause that’d be pretty cool and some smart thinking on their behalf. Or maybe I’m just easily amused…

When I mention they, I really should be focusing on Peter Verdell from the amazing group Act As If. Verdell released his first EP in 2006, quit his job, toured with friend Andrew Ripp, and then pulled a great group together to add to his songs. Might I add he wrote and produced There’s a Light all on his own?


Crash Kings – Evolution of Guitar video II

I’m almost hesitant to write anything about this video and let it speak for itself. But I can’t hold myself back with that amount of restraint.

I absolutely adore the Crash Kings. They’re the nicest guys in the world, and they know how to rock your fucking face off. Part two of their videos The Evolution of Guitar – With No Guitar is even better than the original.


The Trews – Hope & Ruin

I love when this happens. Find a band, start digging them, and then realize they have 3 prior albums you can go back to listen to. Apparently all different sounding/feeling from each other as well.

Canadian group The Trews are set to release their 4th record Hope & Ruin tomorrow on April 12th. They’ll be doing this pretty cool thing where if you buy the record from their site, you’ll get a free pass to a select few shows they’ll be playing. Only kicker is that they’re all in Canada…


The Acre – Cerca Trova

While walking into a Jamaica Plain venue called Milky Way one night, I heard this incredible musician covering what I remember to be “Sunken Treasure” by Wilco. (or maybe “Misunderstood”…) Needless to say, I was fucking floored and think Tweedy himself would have been in awe of how well Nick Murphy from The Acre covered it. It was near perfection yet he made it his own in the most perfectly subtle ways.

Come to find out, this is a guy I’ve drunkenly shared many amazing shows in Boston with. Clearly I drink too much… But knowing he’s in this band The Acre, I couldn’t wait to get my hands on their new record Cerca Trova.


The Naked and Famous – Passive Me, Aggressive You

The Naked And Famous have done a great job of creating something of a fun, party, solitary album. Big, bold production mixed with catchy ass hooks that will keep your speakers full (as long as you have nice ones).

Passive Me, Aggressive You pops it’s way into my rotation whenever I feel like lifting a Sparklehorse or Elliott Smith mood and giving me something to hit me in the chest with. At 13 songs it seems like quite a journey, but zone out and just enjoy the sounds. Always twisting an turning into something interesting.


Imaginary Cities – Temporary Resident

I’ve been listening to the new record Temporary Resident from the group Imaginary Cities for a couple of days now. And all I can say is that I’m devastated I missed them at SXSW. Hoping they decide to make it to the east coast sometime soon.

Based out of Winnipeg Canada, I am once again humbled by our musical neighbors to the north. Marti Sarbit has one of the most unique voices I’ve heard in a great while and Rusty Matyas hardly slacks with his duties in the group.


An interview with Deep Dark Robot

There’s not much I can say about Linda Perry’s career. It been pretty insane and maybe you’ve never heard her name before, but I can guarantee you’ve heard her work.

After many many years of tackling every aspect of music, she’s back at writing and performing her own work under the band name of Deep Dark Robot. It’s been a long time since her last solo record “In Flight” released in 1996. Now she’s teamed up with the amazing Tony Tornay to create 8 Songs About A Girl.

Have a read and a listen below to see what this whole record is all about.


Kurt Vile – Smoke Ring For My Halo

Thank you iPhone for being the camera that is always with me.

I normally try to keep things pretty low key here on the site and hook you up with something you may have never heard before. For some, Kurt Vile is old news. For others, I may be opening your listening world into something you would have never experienced. Who knows where this will fall.

All I know is that Kurt Vile released his latest LP Smoke Ring For My Halo recently (date is questionable even though I’ve had the vinyl since last tuesday) and hot damn is it amazing. It’s one of the few things Pitchfork and I have completely agreed on. And since I grabbed it at his in-store at Newbury Comics, it’s been hard to keep out of the rotation on the turntable.