An interview with Deep Dark Robot

There’s not much I can say about Linda Perry’s career. It been pretty insane and maybe you’ve never heard her name before, but I can guarantee you’ve heard her work.

After many many years of tackling every aspect of music, she’s back at writing and performing her own work under the band name of Deep Dark Robot. It’s been a long time since her last solo record “In Flight” released in 1996. Now she’s teamed up with the amazing Tony Tornay to create 8 Songs About A Girl.

Have a read and a listen below to see what this whole record is all about.


An interview with Brooke Fraser

Brooke Fraser might be one of the most charming and lovely women I’ve had the pleasure of chatting with. Chalk it up to her New Zealand heritage or whatever you can, she is a pure joy to be around.

Hunkered down in the back of her tour bus before a show at Cafe 939 in Boston, Brooke and I discussed her tour, new record Flags, and many other bits about what it’s like being an artist today.

The show she put on after our interview was nothing short of phenomenal. The crowd was eating up every note and word coming off of the stage. And rightfully so. That charming woman I met in the back of her bus is the same woman you get to see on stage.

An interview with Yoko Ono

If I’m the first to introduce you to Yoko Ono, I’m not really sure what to say. This 77 year old woman definitely holds some spot in the Websters definition of an artist. She’s never second guessed her decisions, never conformed to any norm, and definitely produced art that was only true to Yoko Ono.

Yoko has been hard at work cranking out dance club tracks that have made their way high up on the Billboard charts. Surprised by that fact? Well, that’s Yoko for you. Always one to surprise.

I was lucky enough to get her to answer a few questions about what’s been going on for her and talk a little bit about a new part of her remix series for the track “WOULDNIT (I’m A Star). Needless to say, the answers are very Yoko…

An interview with Christopher Owens of Girls

Photo credit: Christopher Owens

I’ve been in love with the Girls album Album since I can remember. Call me lucky or in the right place at the right time, but here I am interviewing Christopher Owens in the coming days of the new Girls EP Broken Dreams Club.

I don’t even know what to say. The more I’ve gotten to know Christopher Owens the more I’m intrigued by him. The music he writes is heavily based on relationships and well, girls. But my god is he one of the most interesting/intriguing guys I’ve ever interacted with.

Look forward to the release of Broken Dreams Club on November 22. But for now, have a read with the amazing Christopher Owens.

An interview with Grace Potter
& The Nocturnals

To say that Grace Potter is a natural born performer/musician is a complete understatement. (Just look at the photo above!) Grace is a woman who takes everything she does musically head on. Her strong self of a woman and incredible musicianship shines through with everything she touches. And it sure as hell doesn’t hurt that she has one of the most kick ass bands to back her!

I’ve never seen anyone walk away from a Grace Potter & The Nocturnals show and not have their jaws dropped to the floor. A fellow woman blogger went on to describe it as “Live Rock and Roll Porn“. I can’t disagree, but I’ll leave her to make that statement.

This Vermont based group has been getting some extreme love while touring the country. And it’s well deserved beyond belief. Grace is a power to behold and The Nocturnals are a group who couldn’t be better suited to fill out the sound and perform her songs.

Enough blabbering on. Enjoy the…

An interview with Fujiya & Miyagi

I’ve been a huge fan of Fujiya & Miyagi for years now. When the option to interview the group was presented, I had to jump on it. Eagerly anticipating their latest release Ventriloquizzing, I had a million questions I wanted to ask.

David Best (singer & guitar) was kind enough to answer all the questions I threw at him. All of his responses got me even more excited for the Jan 25th release of their fourth LP Ventriloquizzing.

A review of the album will certainly be up as soon as I can get my hands on it. But for now, be excited along with me.


Elizabeth & The Catapult –
The Other Side of Zero + Interview

I’ve been following the evolution of Elizabeth & The Catapult since the early 2000’s. My first introduction to their music was at a Berklee studio. I was assisting on their killer track ‘Waiting For the Kill’. I remember hearing Esperanza Spalding rip through a ridiculous bass line and then watched as elements were placed on top of it—it really made me rethink how songs should be put together. I was in pure awe and admiration (and still am).

Here we are, nearing a decade later and Elizabeth & The Catapult are still going strong. About to release their second full length album The Other Side of Zero, I couldn’t be happier to see Elizabeth’s brilliantly written songs, played and produced—once again—with the amazingly talented Danny Molad.

I was lucky enough to chat with both Elizabeth and Danny about putting together the new record. Check out the interviews below but before that let’s chat about The Other Side of Zero for a little bit, shall we?


An interview with Phoenix

Phoenix has become a household name. From their Cadillac commercials to the raging success of their latest album Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix, I’d be shocked if I was the first to introduce you to this group of Parisian rockstars.

I was lucky enough to catch the opening night of their tour when it kicked off at the famous Hollywood Bowl in LA. My review of the evening prompted comments from Christopher Owens (lead vox and guitar of Girls) and co-manager of Phoenix, Simon White.

I quickly had questions out to Phoenix without any expectations they would be answered. For some unknown reason, God smiled down upon me and next thing I knew, lead singer Thomas Mars had answered them all.

And now I present the brief but amazing exclusive interview for dysonsound: (this is a big deal for me people!)

Little Fish – Baffled and Beat

little_fishIf what you crave is straight forward, from the heart, pure, rock and roll, Little Fish is your answer. They fill that musical space better than any band I have come across in a long while. (And doing so without all the bullshit you might typically find clouded about in the music industry.)

I was lucky enough to talk with them on one of the rare days off their label gives them. Juju and Nez shocked me with their honesty and humbleness towards their recent success. They have no reason to be humble. A sold out tour with Hole, their album “Baffled & Beat” produced by Linda Perry (audio on click) that’s about to be released this September, their songs available as Rock Band downloads. They have all the right to be the cocky rock stars one might expect. But they aren’t. They are two rockers who love what they do and are grateful for every moment.


This is O’Spada


Photo by: Pär Olofsson

‘Everything I am, and everything I want to be.
All I want to achieve, I already have in me’

Backed by a thunderous wall of fat synths and kicking bass, sharp guitar and cracking snares, carried on the silvered voice of an agathokakological angel sent from pop heaven on-high, these are the words of O’Spada, and as soon as you hear them you know them to be true.

O’Spada’s sound is the quintessence of fresh. It transports you to the past and future simultaneously, pulls your moneymaker forever in both directions, and forces your surrender on both fronts to the fundamental power of the groove. Listening to O’Spada is a time-quaking, chromosome-shaking mitosis of the soul, proving once again that Sweden is making the best pop music per capita of any country.

Here’s a taste (turn up that bass):

If that doesn’t get you moving, congratulations, you’re a corpse. Thankfully, there are many warm bodies across the globe getting down to this fledgling dance outfit, and after just two stellar singles released (their second, ‘Ten Strikes’, is one of 2009’s most joyous odes to infidelity (listen below), O’Spada has the world hungry for more. With an album set to drop a few months from now, I had the chance to chat with them for an exclusive trans-Atlantic interview.

This is O’Spada.


Crash Kings


If there was any band I really wanted to see succeed in the music world it would be the Crash Kings. Their music kicks ass. THEY kick ass. What more could you ask of a band?

I was lucky enough to have Tony Beliveau (keyboards and vocals) take some time out of their current tour and answer some questions regarding their sound, success, and what it’s like being a touring band based out of LA.

I highly suggest going to see them play this Sunday 1/31/10 at Great Scott in Boston. (or try to catch a date on the rest of their tour) Their record is phenomenal but live is where they shine. I spent a few years watching, having fun, and getting to know Mike and Tony (sadly don’t know Jason yet) but what I do know is that they are the real deal. They don’t mess around with music. They play what they believe and play what naturally comes out of them. We just happen to be lucky as hell, because what they produce is always incredible.

Check out what Tony had to say: