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The Bird & The Hall & The Bee & Oates

bird-bee-hall-oates(post by contributor: Ledyard)

A couple weeks ago, I heard about a project of seemingly uberepic hipster-nerd mind-exploding proportions: The Bird & The Bee (previously known in my world for one of The Aughts’ greatest hooks with ‘Fucking Boyfriend’) had made an album completely made up of songs from the Hall & Oates songbook, lengthily titled “Interpreting the Masters, Vol. 1: A Tribute to Daryl Hall and John Oates”.

You may ask:
Q: Ledyard, why should I think of this news as Brain-Blowing?

I reply:
Well [insert hip fake online name here], I always thought that The Bird & The Bee have a mildly cool thing going, with a sound that typifies mellow hipness as it stands today. The only drawback (aside from the hook mentioned earlier) is that their songwriting kinda, well, uh…. sucks. However, bring in the greatest pop songcrafters of the late 70’s & early 80’s (excluding Jim Steinman and Don Blackman perhaps) and !like that! you have fun hooky songs fresh out of the oven (albeit reheated 30 years hence) and wrapped in sweet & salty sushi bar indie sheen.

BOOM goes your musicnerdbrain!


This is O’Spada


Photo by: Pär Olofsson

‘Everything I am, and everything I want to be.
All I want to achieve, I already have in me’

Backed by a thunderous wall of fat synths and kicking bass, sharp guitar and cracking snares, carried on the silvered voice of an agathokakological angel sent from pop heaven on-high, these are the words of O’Spada, and as soon as you hear them you know them to be true.

O’Spada’s sound is the quintessence of fresh. It transports you to the past and future simultaneously, pulls your moneymaker forever in both directions, and forces your surrender on both fronts to the fundamental power of the groove. Listening to O’Spada is a time-quaking, chromosome-shaking mitosis of the soul, proving once again that Sweden is making the best pop music per capita of any country.

Here’s a taste (turn up that bass):

If that doesn’t get you moving, congratulations, you’re a corpse. Thankfully, there are many warm bodies across the globe getting down to this fledgling dance outfit, and after just two stellar singles released (their second, ‘Ten Strikes’, is one of 2009’s most joyous odes to infidelity (listen below), O’Spada has the world hungry for more. With an album set to drop a few months from now, I had the chance to chat with them for an exclusive trans-Atlantic interview.

This is O’Spada.


Thom Yorke will make beautiful music until he is dead

thom_yorkeno credit for photo but found on this site

Just browsing around the music blogosphere today, I stumbled across a couple new tunes from Mr. Thom Yorke, the frontman for Radiohead and now another band, the newly christened Atoms for Peace (which features Flea on bass… am I the only one that finds Thom and Flea sharing a stage kinda funny? Thom Yorke with a tube sock on his junk?). This time, however, the alien chanter was performing a few songs solo, all of which some intrepid nerd was awesome enough to record. As I sat there watching & listening, I was overwhelmed by the majesty of his songwriting, and was doubly overwhelmed thinking about how LONG I’ve been listening to this man’s every recorded move, and how INCREDIBLY OFTEN I have felt this exact same way about whatever he has to show me. (more…)

Hum for the Holidays, Vol. 00002

nick-jessicaThis past week, I had the opportunity to travel to Atlanta, to do a pre-Christmas Christmas with my girlfriend’s family. They are a wonderful group of people, rich with Southern hospitality and warmth, as well as stroke-inducingly brilliant cooking skills. However, visiting them at this time of year brings with it one minor caveat: they love the holiday season, and when it comes to holiday radio, they like their airwaves like they like their stockings: stuffed and brimming with Christmas joy. (more…)